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The Overwhelming Existence of Diabetes in India

High blood sugar or diabetes is considered a common health problem among the Indians today. From considerable years, the cases of diabetes have grown significantly. The 5th edition of Diabetes Atlas, explains that India stands on the second place amongst the global countries with individuals suffering from high sugar levels. According to estimations, more than 5 million individuals in India are suffering from diabetes. It is also awful to note that 1 in every 10 Indian adults in the age group 19-80 years is a diabetic patient. In India, 2 sorts of diabetes have been diagnosed:  Type I and type II.

Type I diabetes is frequently seen in kids & adults below 40 years of age. This disorder arises when the body is incompetent to produce insulin. However, this kind of diabetes is uncommon in other parts of the world but India still has lots of kids suffering from Type I diabetes.

Type II diabetes is extremely common in India. It arises because of the incapability of the body cells to consume the produced insulin. As a consequence, sugar builds up in the blood leading to diabetes or high glucose level. It is also seen that lifestyle & genetic factors are the chief causes of this illness. It is mostly found among the individuals who are above 40 years. Research conducted on the high prevalence of diabetes in India provides almost the same aspects that lead to diabetics.

First and foremost is the genetic predisposition. Indians are more prone to diabetes because of a greater genetic susceptibility. This factor seems to play a chief role in the occurrence of type II diabetes. Another factor we can say is urbanization. India has seen a swift rise in urbanization, socio-economic development, which further developed in a dramatic change in the living patterns of individuals. Hence, increased physical inactivity as a result of technological advancement, an increase in the intake of calorie-rich, high-fat foods are the reasons that negatively affected the insulin sensitivity of the urban population.

Abdominal obesity, in which excess body fat is focused at the abdomen area, is one of the chief contributing factors that lead to high blood sugar levels. Individuals leading an inactive lifestyle for example desk-jobs are at high risk of diabetes. Consequently, unrefined rice, wheat, millets have given way to polished rice, processed foods, increased intake of fat, refined cereals, high-calorie food and various other. High intake of such foods has been related to the bigger risk of developing diabetes.

Therefore, you must deal with diabetes seriously throughout the lifetime. Eat a healthy diet and engage yourself in regular workouts. Also, monitoring your blood sugar levels periodically with the help of glucometer can help you cope up with your diabetes.

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