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The right time to incorporate Karela Juice in your diet: NOW!

Karela or Bitter-gourd is infamously known because of its taste. Therefore it is usually avoided by the majority during meals. But this infamous fruit is loaded with benefits, not just for diabetic patients but for everyone in all age groups.

Best time to consume Karela Juice:

1.Firstly, if you have diabetes: If you have diabetes, every one would undoubtedly recommend you to have Karela in some form or the other. This is because Karela contains natural insulin which can help maintain blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

2. If you have a respiratory disorder: Karela is a rich source of Vitamin C, and helps lower the risk of respiratory diseases.

3.If you have any kind of blood disorder: Karela Juice is beneficial if you have any blood related disorder like blood boils. Karela helps in purifying and detoxifying the impurities present in blood. Mix karela juice with some lemon juice and consume on an empty stomach to relieve any kind of blood disorder.

4.If you wish to lose weight: If you are worried about the weight you suddenly  have started to put on then you might want to give this a try. Bitter-gourd or karela is a bundle of phytonutrients and antioxidants than make sure you consume fewer calories and keeps you feeling full longer. Another thing you should know about Karela is that it is high in dietary fibre.

5.If your skin needs a boost: Have you been struggling with your skin problems for a while? Try Karela Juice. For starters it is a blood purifier. A lot of skin problems arise due to high blood pressure. The most common of these are aging, wrinkle formation, fungal infections and skin pigmentation.

If you suffer from any of these, then you can either topically apply the paste of karela or start consuming Karela Vinegar and these problems will be gone in no time. Daily karela vinegar helps in glowing and blemish free skin, prevents acne and provides your body with ample amount of B vitamins.

No matter what your issue, Karela can be incorporated as a remedy for sure.

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