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The role of Diabetes Educators in managing your diabetic condition

Who is a Diabetes Educator? Diabetes educators are healthcare professionals who have an expertise in the field of diabetes. They have to pass an exam in order to become a certified diabetes educator. 

The role of a diabetes educator is to help a person with diabetes to improve their condition and get their sugar levels within the controlled range. They have comprehensive knowledge and experience of dealing with diabetic people. They give recommendations regarding their diet, lifestyle, medications, sleep patterns, alcohol consumption, etc. They help them in analysing the ‘why’ behind their readings. 

They can also help a diabetic person in reducing the risk of health complications like nerve damage, cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, skin problems, etc. The diabetic person also feels like they’re in better control of their health. Bringing about the right lifestyle and dietary changes can have a positive impact on both their physical and psychological health. 

A Team of Diabetes Educators

Ideally, a team of diabetes educators should include-

  • A certified diabetes educator
  • A physician who understands diabetes
  • An exercise physiologist 

Key Areas of a Diabetes Educator

The key areas in which a diabetes educator helps a diabetic person include-

  • Regular monitoring of your sugar levels.
  • Consuming the right diet.
  • Having a regular exercise routine.
  • Lowering your stress levels.
  • Dealing with potential problems.
  • Medications that are involved in your treatment. 

BeatO Diabetes Educators/ Health Coaches

BeatO health coaches/ diabetes educators is a dedicated team of diabetes specialists who are available round the clock to help its users. They are especially helpful during emergency situations where the users witness a sudden spike in their sugar levels.

“BeatO helped me bring down my HbA1c levels from 14.7%  to 5.9%  within just one year.” says Ankit Rai, who was in a diabetic coma. After he came out of it, he switched to BeatO for managing his condition. He was successfully able to reverse his diabetic condition. His health coach Madhuparna helped him keep a track of his carbohydrate and protein intake and make the right lifestyle changes.

“BeatO mera daily coach hai.” says BeatO user, Mansi Manoj Sankhe who witnessed a significant change in her sugar levels. Her HbA1c levels came down from 7.3% to  5.9%  within just two and a half months of using the App. She follows the plate method as recommended by her health coach and uses all the diabetes friendly ingredients in her diet. As Mansi lives in a remote area, she is not able to purchase products easily from her nearby stores. The BeatO Shop Section has come to her aid in this situation as she easily gets products delivered at her doorstep. 

Diabetes Educators help you in more ways than one

A certified diabetes educator can successfully improve a person’s HbA1c levels, cholesterol, and most importantly, their sugar levels.  With their knowledge and experience, they have had a positive impact on the physical and mental health of diabetic people. They help them in taking the best care of themselves. Some diabetic people have had a positive impact on their health solely with the advice of their health coach and not through medication. 

Diabetes Educator support is especially essential for diabetic people who lack knowledge about their condition. It helps in saving time and money as you do not have to rush to a doctor or hospital every time that you face a sudden drop or spike in your sugar levels. It also helps you take better care of yourself and manage diabetes in a better way. 

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