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Things to look for in your Insulin Pump

Once you purchase a pump you are now connected for the next four years or more.Well at least that is how long the warranty is on most popularly sold brands.

So before just jumping on to buying one it is important to do your homework. You don’t want to be disappointed that you made a wrong choice.

Almost all insulin pumps have one common feature – a small battery operated device.

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  • Another common feature is a free replacement over malfunction.
  • Safety: All pumps have sensors to detect blockages,low battery, low insulin level, and any internal problem. All of these can be locked and auto shut off to prevent any irresponsible pump use.
  • Ease of use: All pumps use an onscreen menu.Filling the reservoir which is the insulin holding component and priming the infusion set tubing which is the filling the tubing with insulin before the infusion set is attached to the body are tasks that should be easily achievable by the user.
  • Training: The purchase of any pump involves technical training and limited diabetes self management education. Make sure to have both before use.
  • Size: Usually all pumps are lightweight but still look for a pump which is not bulky.
  • Connectivity: Data usually should be easy to upload to a computer for viewing and history recording.
  • Power: Most pumps use AA or AAA batteries and last 2-4 weeks. There are also some pumps that use lithium batteries and can last up to three times longer.

So now that you know some important grounds, look for one last thing before your purchase: a cost comparison.Always make sure to ask more about your pump and discuss options with your doctor or healthcare adviser.


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  1. What is the price of insulin pump

    • Hello Mr. Natarajan,

      Different pumps have different prices depending on the brand and the features it provides.

      You can always compare pumps based on you requirement and budget or talk to your healthcare provider regarding the same.

      Team BeatO

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