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Tips for Diabetics During the Flu Season

Your diabetes can turn simple flu into a serious problem.

This is because, diabetes can make the immune system less able to battle infections and can make it harder for you to control blood sugar.

Should you start worrying?

Before you get paranoid, diabetes care can help you manage this better.

What if you don’t catch the flu?

That comes as a relief, but diabetic people are more prone to such illnesses.Hence it becomes extra important for you take precautions.

  • Get yourself an early flu shot as having diabetes puts you at an increased risk of developing complications, such as pneumonia.
  • Eat well and get enough sleep.
  • Keep your glucometer handy, as checking blood sugar regularly and recording your readings is the best way to know if you are in the normal sugar level bracket.
  • People with Type 2 diabetes should check their blood sugar at least four times in a day, and also do a urine check for ketones.

Few simple diabetes home care steps and diabetes management can help you prevent and recover from your flu faster.

What to do if you catch the flu?

So you tried your best but still caught the flu.

  • The first thing you do now is, ask your doctor to prescribe you some antiviral medication that can ease and shorten the duration of your illness.
  • Make sure to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. When your body fights infection, it releases a number of chemicals, that can alter your glucose and insulin response.
  • Another very important step is to stay hydrated.You can break the water cycle for some soup or a juice.
  • Keep Snacking: Though you might not feel like it, but it is extremely important that you munch on some healthy snacks regularly. Take smaller portions that are easy to digest. You could keep a box of diabetes cracker around or some healthy watermelon or sunflower seeds.

For all this to work, you need to ensure you are well rested. Get enough sleep and make sure you do not skip your diabetes medication in the process.

Your body is already battling diabetes, the last thing you need is to add more pressure.

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