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Traveling during Holidays – Things every Diabetic should keep in mind

Having to live with diabetes day in and day out soon becomes a lifestyle and this lifestyle disease overpowers one’s routine after some time. While most people let it define their happiness and become hopeless about living a normal life again, others make a proactive choice to take charge and lead a happier life WITH diabetes.

Have you ever withheld your travel plans because you thought your normal sugar levels could play games with you? Or have you ever worried about managing diabetes while travelling and consequently not enjoyed as much as you wanted to?

In this holiday season, celebrate Christmas by exploring your favourite destinations. Here is a checklist of travelling with diabetes care that will help you manage your blood sugar easily.
1. It is important to keep your physician and diabetes educator well informed about your travel plans in advance so that they can suggest ways of altering your routine to avoid last minute changes and a comfortable transition, especially if you are travelling to a different time zone.

2. Whether you’re going home for Christmas or going on vacation to a place you’ve never visited it’s always important to find out where you can find extra diabetic supplies in case you run out or how to reach a physician or emergency room in case of an emergency. Also talk to your insurance company about the risks involved and the corresponding coverage provided.

3. Carry enough diabetes supply and of course don’t forget your glucometer because taking regular blood glucose readings becomes even more imperative while travelling.

4. Flight delays are natural during holiday season and be prepared for the same by carrying enough healthy snacks which are within your reach. It may be wise to carry twice the quantity of medications and supplies that you would normally need, in the event of delays, lost luggage or other unexpected situations.

5. Identify yourself as a diabetic by wearing a diabetic bracelet and ID card with your name, address and your medical condition. Also mention your doctor’s name and phone number as all these and the bracelet will help you get instant care as required in the event of any emergency.

6. Carry an additional copy of your prescription which will come handy in case you lose your medications.

Travelling with diabetes can be super fun, especially during holidays if you take certain precautions beforehand.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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