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7 Superfoods To Control Diabetes

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disease where the person has high blood glucose. This can arise either because the insulin production is inadequate or because the body cells are not able to respond properly to insulin. In some cases, both the above mentioned reasons can occur together and lead to a diabetic condition. Symptoms of diabetes: – Frequent …

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Why is it Important to Incorporate Karela Juice Into Your Diet

Bitter gourd contains a compound that works similarly to insulin. In fact, the terms “Karela” and “diabetes” are frequently used interchangeably! It lowers blood glucose levels in people with type I and type II diabetes. A glass of karela juice is so effective that diabetics must reduce the dosage of their medications. Who Should Consume Karela Juice: Firstly, if you …

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Karela Jamun or Karela Vinegar: What should you have?

Are you lost on what to consume? Let’s understand the difference between the two. Karela or Bitter-gourd or Bitter Melon belongs to the family of melons and grounds. Not many people are fond of this veggie fruit even though it is called the powerhouse of nutrients and benefits. Karela has twice the quantity of iron than broccoli. It has more …

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