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Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal

Reversing type 2 diabetes is possible with effective weight loss and a diabetic person can live normal life if lifestyle, weight loss and diet are well maintained.

Type 2 diabetes develops when adequate amount of insulin is not produced in the body or the amount of insulin produced in body is restrained to function properly due to which sugar in body doesn’t break down into the energy required for our cells to function. This excessive sugar starts building up in the blood and fat deposits in the liver and pancreas. Certain changes in lifestyle and diet can help get rid of this ailment.

According to research, it is found that following an extreme diet, having consumption of 600 calories a day for 8 weeks can help in reversing Type 2 diabetes in people who are freshly diagnosed with the disease. This happens because the low calorie diet helps in dropping down the fat levels in pancreas and liver which in turn helps produce adequate amount of insulin in body.


According to study, a group of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes within last four years were made to undergo a diet plan wherein, their food intake was heavily reduced for couple of months, eating only non starched veggies and liquids. After completion of months of diet plan, tests conducted by doctors showed incredible decline in blood sugar levels. MRI scans showed that the fat level in pancreas has also reduced. Again, after end of the diet plan, the participants were back to eating normally with advised portion and size and found that most of them no longer suffered from the disease.

Well, to some of the diabetic patients change in diet plan is not the cure of their disease; some were still affected as they were more susceptible to the disease.

This study offered a great way of life to millions of diabetes sufferers; however the main concern after shedding those pounds is to maintain the same weight so as not to get back to what it was. Also, while undergoing such an extensive diet it is recommended to consult the doctor and clear the doubts, if any.

Now, following and maintaining diet is one aspect, the other aspects to be fulfilled are regular exercise and healthy lifestyle. Working out on regular intervals is highly beneficial for both mind and body; one can engage themselves in outdoor/indoor activities like cycling, swimming, running, playing chess etc. Taking your dog out on morning and evening walk is also equivalent to exercising, which is a great and fun way to workout.

Healthy lifestyle comprises healthy schedule which is required to run through a day apart from eating right and working out regularly. It is very important to have something to look up to, to get going in life hence having proper plan for the day includes getting up early, and sleeping for 8 hours at night, meditating and so on to make a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from this, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is possible only through regular monitoring using smartphone glucometer which also records your previous readings data and maintains it over a longer period of time for reference during doctor consultation.


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