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What Are The Major Expenses Incurred In Diabetes Care?

While diabetes is a condition that cannot be cured, following a diabetes care plan can surely keep it in control.  People with diabetes are asked to make better food choices, manage their weight and take medications to ensure the blood sugar remains stable.

However, what we don’t realize is that diabetes has a vast and a massive impact not only on health but also affects finances. For a person with diabetes, the condition not only affects one’s household budget but the entire healthcare budget. Since we all are aware that the condition is progressive in nature, the costs involved in diabetes care can increase over time if not managed.

In this article, we cover the major expenses of diabetes care and how one can save in these costs.

Cost of Diabetes Care

One of the primary reasons for diabetes care to be expensive is the nature of the condition and the complications associated with it. In fact, studies have indicated that a low-income family with diabetes spends at least 20 percent of family income to diabetes care. Similarly, a family with a diabetic child spends up to 35 percent of income on diabetes related expenses.

Though the costs involved depends on person-to-person basis, here are the major costs involved in diabetes care:

  • Insulin Injections

Insulin is one of the primary forms of medical treatment used to manage diabetes as a part of diabetes care. They’re extremely vital for the survival of a person with type 1 diabetes as they are unable to produce insulin on their own.

  • Medical Examinations & Lab Tests

Along with regular, expensive and time consuming visits to the doctor, diabetes screenings are important for identifying and managing diabetes. From various lab tests to eye-checkups, the list is endless.

  • Blood Glucose Strips and Lancets

For a person with diabetes, testing blood sugar levels becomes a part of their daily lives. The costs to cover the daily testing of sugar levels are exorbitant. Choosing to opt for home testing devices can save upon the overall expenses.

  • Other Expenditures in Diabetes Care

Other expenditures generally include costs for personalized diet plan, doctor consultations, medicines, etc, Depending on the type of diabetes a person has, total expenditures can vary.

  • Diabetes Insurance

Diabetes insurance plans are specialized on providing coverage on treatments and expenses for people with diabetes. Buying a diabetes health insurance plan can, however, be costlier than other disease specific plans. It could be because of the increased risks as a side effect of diabetes , so insurers perceive higher risk of payouts, and also because the plan is a specialized product.

Now, that we know the expenses incurred in diabetes, wondering how you can save on these costs? Let’s find out!

  1. Opt for a diabetes insurance plan that comprises of all diabetes related expenses including test strips, lancets, glucometer, lab tests, etc. BeatO Diabetes Total is a comprehensive plan that not only provides cover for all diabetes-related complications but also offers discounts on doctor consultations and other expenses.
  2. Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels can not only help in early detection of health complications but also prevent the onset of such conditions.
  3. Along with monitoring, effective foot-care, eye screening and urine tests can also turn out as cost effective measures.

Diabetes can be an extremely challenging condition to stay on top of, especially with the increasing costs in the most recent years, but it’s not insurmountable. By following a proper diabetes care management with diet, exercises, home testing and diabetes care medical treatment, the above mentioned expenses can be curbed to a greater extent.

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