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What Is A Healthy Way To Keep Blood Sugar Stabilized Throughout The Day?

People with diabetes usually have high blood sugar or fluctuating sugar levels. But the spike in blood sugar is usually preventable.

A prolonged rise in sugar levels can lead someone who is prediabetic to full blown diabetes.

Therefore, keeping a normal blood sugar level is essential.

Diabetes care and Diabetes Management: How to manage sugar naturally?

1. Balance with plenty of healthy fats: Consumption of carbs should always be along with fats. Fats are known to slow down the absorption of glucose in the blood stream and prevent sugar spikes. Also the presence of fat in our meals triggers signals the gallbladder to release bile. Bile contains harmful toxins and therefore a flush out is essential.

2. Don’t eat constantly: Eating smaller and lesser gap portions are essential, but eating too often is also not advisable. Eating at every hour interval can lead to adrenal fatigue, inflammation or even compromised digestion.

3. Eat protein for breakfast: When skipping breakfast we get our body to release stress hormones and start breaking down of muscle fat. Focusing on fat and protein for breakfast rather than carbs is advisable. Studies suggest that 40 g of protein helps stabilize blood sugar throughout the day.

4. Whole grains: Gluten free is new in-diet these days. Having gluten free food is advisable as it automatically aids in a healthy lifestyle. Whole grains are anti-inflammatory.

5. Avoiding processed food: Foods that have sugar or flour such as candy, cakes or sweetened beverages need to be avoided completely. They can cause sugar spikes and crashes.

When you have control over your sugar levels you feel full of energy and subside cravings of harmful foods.

Foods that help stabilize sugar levels:

1. Raw cooked food: Choose low carb veggies like mushrooms, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini and sprouts. Try them as dressings.

2. Greens: Go beyond the basic salad. Opt for a healthy low carb and delicious spinach salad instead. YOu could also add a few olives or watermelon seeds or pumpkin seeds for that extra crunch.

3. Low calorie drinks: Avoid alcohol or sugary drinks. Choose water as it is the best. Is plain water is boring, then cue up a lemon and put it in your glass of water.

4. Whole grain and high fibre: This food still has carb, but have an interesting flavor. This helps you keep fuller for longer.

Invest in a glucometer: A glucometer helps monitor blood sugar levels and keep a track of sugar levels on a click. It is handy so you can track and share your readings with your family and friends. Just make sure your glucometer supports this feature.

Diabetes management can be tricky, but certain steps can help in overall betterment of your diabetes.

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