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What should you know about insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a common medical condition which leads to diabetes in people eventually. Insulin is the hormone produced by the beta cells of pancreas called Islets of Langerhan. They facilitate the decomposition and absorption of glucose in human body. When your cells exhibit resistance to insulin, they become indifferent to normal doses of the hormone. This creates imbalance in the absorption or removal of sugars into or from body. Thus the carbohydrates may begin to accumulate in cells. The condition can further create complications such as heart disorders or type 2 diabetes.

The causes of insulin resistance can be either genetic or due to unhealthy lifestyleIf genetic, the disorder cannot be cured completely but only remedied partially. But with proper changes in lifestyle you can work on the insulin resistance of body and bring it down to a great extent. Obesity, added stress, excessive smoking and increased steroid usages are pointed out as common reasons of acquired insulin resistance in human body. Sometimes, pregnancy also leads to development of insulin resistance in women.

The symptoms of the disorder may include fatigue, weakness of muscles, darkening of skin in private parts, abnormal thirst, and frequent tendency to urinate, odour and change in colour of urine. In older people, all these symptoms can be seen to occur together.

In such a condition as insulin resistance, the body starts to require more than normal amounts of insulin for the digestion and absorption of a given amount of glucose. The reaction can be similar even if you inject insulin into the body externally. Thus slowly, the amount of insulin you require per day keeps going up.

A healthy diet and exercise regime can help you combat the condition well. Include more of non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli and peppers and high-fibre foods like beans and whole grains etc in your diet. It is also good to have lean meats, fish or nuts on an everyday basis since they are rich in proteins. Salmon fish can provide you with the much needed omega-3 fatty acid and berries can help you meet the antioxidant needs of your body. This can be a good and complete diet to get over insulin resistance. Add up routine exercises to stay fit and reduce the excess fats in your body. With these, your cells should develop considerably normal insulin sensitivity.

Monitoring plays a great role in building a healthy lifestyle since you stay awarded of the body’s needs. To further ensure that the your heart stays healthy and blood sugar levels normal, have regular checkups at least twice or thrice a year. For blood check, you can buy a simple glucometer and check sugar levels in blood at home.


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