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Whole Grains To Balance Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

For people struggling with high blood sugar condition, dieting is an unavoidable part of everyday life. No matter where you go or what situation you are in, proper meals at a fixed time are absolutely necessary to remain in your energy level throughout the day. It becomes especially hard when you have to strike a balance between work and routine healthcare or between dietetic friendly yet energy-giving foods. Grains, which are rich in carbohydrates, are the main source of energy for a normal person. But the question is with high blood sugar levels, how you replace the foods with high glycemic index while ensuring that the diet still meets your body’s requirements, being a diabetic!

The best way to do so, according to the latest studies, is to switch to whole grains. The main reason is due to the healthier sugar compounds that are present in whole grains as compared to the refined ones available in markets these days. The sugars present in the whole grains, like oats, quinoa and wheat berries, contain complex sugar compounds which can be broken down to give your body all the energy it needs while still maintaining the risk-free sugar levels. They are considered to be the storehouses of healthy fibers as well, which are a must need if you have a diabetic condition. Fiber in food can ease digestion which in turn helps in the breakdown of sugars. As an added benefit, fiber can keep you away from the risk of high cholesterol since they release any unwanted fat accumulating in the body as soon as it starts to take its form. It facilitates in better excretion of excess compounds from the body and enables a healthy living in all.

The best way to add whole grains to your diet is in the form of cereals, porridge, oatmeal, muffins, sandwiches etc. It is most beneficial if you can get hold of powdered whole wheat, or corn which can themselves be used to cook various dishes. You can always go for soups, stews, pancakes, waffles, and bread made out of different flours such as that of whole wheat or whole barley. This way, the diet will not compromise on taste. Quinoa as a side dish definitely works for all kinds of dishes, be it simple rice or chicken. There is also an option of eating popcorns, which are essentially steamed grains. These are considered to be very low in calories, taste good and also make you feel full for longer. These are ideal for a snack and better for health over cookies or breadsticks. A little more of whole grains each day can help you take up the glucometer one less time a day.

So, all you need is to make a simple switch to live a healthier, happier life!!!

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