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Why Diabetic Socks Are Beneficial?

Diabetes is a persistent illness that requires treatment and care. Many complications can arise when you are diabetic especially those that affect the feet.

If you have diabetes, you are generally at the risk of acquiring a foot infection. And not attending to your feet issues can lead to serious complications like amputation of the foot or the entire leg below the knee.

Certain habits like choosing diabetic friendly socks is essential for preventing such complications.

Diabetic socks are specially designed to;

  1. Reduce pressure
  2. Prevent infections and blistering
  3. Minimise moisture while providing maximum comfort.

Not everybody who has diabetes needs to wear diabetic socks. It is mostly recommended for diabetics who have lost or decrease in the sensation of pedal pulses or have varied feet temperatures or permanent nerve damage. But it is still advisable to be used by all in order to avoid future complications.

Diabetic socks are also beneficial for pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes as they have swollen feet.

Things to note in diabetic socks:

  1. Material : Diabetic socks are made with less constricting elastic.
  2. Moisture Resistant: The material of diabetic socks have moisture wicking abilities. They are also wrinkle resistant.
  3. Padding: Diabetic socks are usually padded for the extra heel support. This helps when there is pressure on your feet for a prolonged period. Gel padding like aloe vera padding is also a great option.
  4. Style, length & fit: You should buy socks based on the purpose. Generally knee styles is the most beneficial for patients with circulation issues. Your diabetic socks should fit you optimally. They do not form lumps especially around the toes as lumps may lead to moisture leading to infection even if you have your socks on.

Advantages of Diabetic Socks:

  1. Protect from friction
  2. Do not wrinkle to cause discomfort
  3. Act as a cushion for the feet and protect from injury
  4. Conform to feet without being constricting
  5. Do not contain irritating elastic fiber
  6. Helps in circulation of blood
  7. Are antimicrobial and hence fight odor and infection
  8. Protects the sensitive pressure points
  9. Minimize risk of blisters or future amputation.

Diabetic socks are specifically designed to provide comfort to the patient. Anyone can wear these socks, it is just that for diabetics it provides added comfort and protection.

Whatever brand or size you wear, just make sure you wear it for a day and see how it responds to your body and diabetic management plan. 

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