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Palak Atta (1 Kg)

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What is included?

  • Wholly natural, hand-picked Wheat grains with perfect proportions of Paalak

Key features:

  • 100% nutritional value
  • Stone-crushed, to retain the dietary fibres
  • Adds rich flavor to rotis

Product Description

Spinach is a very nutrient-dense food and is known to slow age-related decline in brain cells while imparting body strength and immunity.
Palak Atta is sourced from wholly natural, hand-picked Wheat grains which are ethically processed which are mixed with small proportions of Paalak (spinach). They are further stone-crushed, to retain the dietary fibres which are otherwise filtered out. Relish the wholesome nutritive value and tasteful delight which Palak Atta, your own health staple, has to offer!

Nutritional Facts ; (Per 100 gm)

Energy: 310Kcal
Protein 11.1gm
Carbohydrate 65.3gm
Fiber 1.8gm
Fat 1.6gm
Calcium 50.5mg
Iron 4.52mg
Vitamin A 584.1mg
Vitamin B 0.44mg
Vitamin B 0.17mg
Vitamin B 3.92mg


  • Aman

    Good... highly digestive...above average quality..

  • Ramesh Sankla

    Very happy with the product. Definitely going to buy it again.


Is paalak helpful in diabetes?

Spinach is an exceptionally supplement thick sustenance and is known to moderate age-related decrease in brain cells while bestowing body strength and immunity.

Will the taste be different?

Not at all. Infact paalak atta adds richness to the flavor of rotis.

Is there any delivery charges?

No. All charges are inclusive.