Certified Diabetes Educator for your Diabetes Management by BeatO

Virtual Diabetes Coach (3 Months)

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What is included?

  • Proactive monitoring of sugar readings by our Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Personalised Ongoing counselling
  • Bi -weekly outbound counselling call and unlimited inbound calls by patient

Key features:

  • Continuous diabetes educator support
  • Personalised insights on sugar readings and lab investigations
  • Answering questions regarding lifestyle changes and management
  • Detailed nutritional guidance and personalized diet charts
  • Assessing the medicines prescribed by doctors
  • Counselling on medical adherence and follow-ups with diabetologist

Product Description

Unlike other progressive conditions, diabetes requires on going counselling and management as it can?t be only controlled by medicine. We provide you with a personal diabetes expert who proactively tracks your condition and suggests effective ways to control sugar levels and diabetes related complications.


  • nishi
    Nishi Thakur

    Before contacting BeatO, my sugar levels used to reach up to 200mg/dl. However, with the help of the diet plan and constant monitoring by my diabetes expert, my sugar readings have been reduced up to 103mg/dl.

  • ashok
    Ashok Awasthi

    The educator acts as a constant support for answering my questions relating to diabetes. I donā??t feel the need to worry about my diabetic condition.


Are the educators certified?

All our educators are certified who can answer questions related to different aspects of managing diabetes - nutritional management, hydration, physical activity, medications, glucose monitoring and psychosocial and behaviour adjustment.

How do you help in managing diabetes?

The diabetes expert suggests lifestyle changes to control the sugar levels. From preparing diet plans, guiding physical activities to constant reminders for managing spike in sugar levels and timely updates about annual screening of diabetes complications, our diabetes coach makes your life more easy and convenient.

Do they prescribe medication?

No, our diabetes educators do not prescribe medication. They review the prescription given by doctors and assess the medicines to determine whether its oral drugs or insulin.

How is my diet chart prepared?

The diet chart is prepared on the basis of the height, weight, BMI and the blood sugar level. They also keep a track of your physical activity and guide you accordingly.

How can I talk to the educator?

You can communicate with the educator via text, call, mail or even our mobile app.

Can I meet the educator in person?

No, meeting the educators is not allowed unless approved by the directors of BeatO.