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No more uncontrolled diabetes with BeatO's Diabetes Care Programs. Treat, control, and reverse* diabetes under the guidance of India's best diabetes doctors and healthcare experts led by national award-winning diabetologists from the comfort of your home.

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82.9% of our users controlled
sugar levels in just 1 month*

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My HbA1c came down from 11.6% to 7.9%
BeatO Unbeatable Deepa

Deepa Kamble

41 years, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Type 2

I lost 20 kg in just 4 months with BeatO
BeatO Unbeatable Prabhakar

Prabhakar Mishra

34 years, New Delhi, Pre-diabetic

My insulin has reduced from 48 units per day to 0!
BeatO Unbeatable Ritesh

Ritesh Jain

35 years, Bangalore, Type 2

My HbA1c came down from 14% to 7%
BeatO Unbeatable Prashant

Prashant Kumar Garg

39 years, Uttar Pradesh, Type 2

My fasting reading came down from 180 mg/dL to 97 mg/dL
BeatO Unbeatable Harendra

Harendra Bhardwaj

44 years, New Delhi, Type 2

My HbA1c has come down from 11.9% to 5.8%.
BeatO Unbeatable Yogesh

Yogesh Bhardwaj

58 years, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Type 2

My fasting reading has come down from 350 mg/dL to 106 mg/dL.
BeatO Unbeatable Roshni

Roshni Devi

58 years, New Delhi, Type 2

My HbA1c has come down from 12.9% to 7.6%
BeatO Unbeatable Vaibhav

Vaibhav Gupta

33 years, Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh, (Type 1)

My fasting reading has come down from 220 mg/dL to 95 mg/dL.
BeatO Unbeatable Vikas

Vikas Puri

54 years, New Delhi, (Type 2)

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featured on
BBC World

In their exclusive story on diabetes the BBC World News covered a Diabetes Awareness Camp organized by BeatO

News Channel

Awards and

BeatO was awarded the National Startup Award 2021 in the Healthcare category by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing access to healthcare to India. Recently, Dr Navneet Agrawal, our Chief Clinical Officer, was awarded the Diabetologist of the Year (National Winner)-2023.

BeatO National Startup Award Winner 2021

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digital health ecosystem

Virtual Doctor on BeatO App

Consult top diabetologists

Get access to India's top diabetes doctors. Our medical team is led by National Award winner Diabetologist. Experience high quality care via video consultations. BeatO’s doctors are committed to support you in your treatment for diabetes.

Smarter monitoring with powerful devices

BeatO's innovative, smartphone-connected glucometers and monitoring devices help you easily monitor and get real-time guidance for your blood sugar, blood pressure and other health vitals.

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BeatO Curv Attached To Phone
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Personalized Insights with BeatO’s AI based Health Neuron System

Get the right guidance at the right time via BeatO's health chatbot, nudges and reminders. Also, automatically save readings, analyse trends and share emergency alerts with family and doctors.

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Daily coaching from experts with BeatO’s health coaches

Get personalized care at every step from our top doctors, certified health coaches, nutrition analysts and yoga therapists who help you prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions.

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Complete health plans with our specialized subscription

With BeatO you make big savings on your medical expenses. Our team will help you choose a plan that best suits your needs. You can also add-on Health Insurance specialised for your condition.

One-Stop-Specialty with BeatO’s health shop

Get all your essentials—test strips, medicines & lab tests from the app. Also choose from our specially curated health foods and wellness products to manage your health with ease.

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Clinically proven results

The results of these programs have been published by top international
medical institutions like the American Diabetes Association.

BeatO Green Tick


HbA1c reduction in 3 months

BeatO Green Tick
Blood sugar


Reduction in fasting hypoglycemia (low sugar)
incidents post counseling in 90 days

As published in

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes Logo
BeatO Green Tick

2.5 Kgs

Average Weight loss in 3 months.

Members lose between 2 to 8 kilos in 3 months

As published in

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes Logo
BeatO Green Tick

15 mg/dl

Reduction in total cholesterol in 3 months

Clinically proven results

The results of these programs have been published by top international medical institutions like the American Diabetes Association.

BeatO Green Tick

2.16% HbA1c reduction in 3 months

As published in American Diabetes Association

 BeatO Right Arrow

Meet our Unbeatables

Meet Harendra Bhardwaj

Shuruwaat me mujhe kaafi darr laga tha kyunki diabetes ke side effects kafi bure hote hai.

My HbA1c was 13% when I started my journey with Diabetes Care Programs by BeatO. My HbA1c has now reached 7.9%. Meri yeh improvement mere doctor aur health coach ki wajah se hi possible hui hai.

Jabse mere sugar level control me aaye hai, mere stress levels bhi kam ho gaye hai. I don’t feel as fatigued as I used to and therefore, I have been able to perform my tasks at work with more efficiency.

BeatO Unbeatable HbA1c Harendra

Meet Deepa Kamble

Agar main BeatO app nahi leti, toh main aaj tak insulin par hoti.

During Covid, my sugar level had shot up to 600 mg/dL. I had only a 15 percent chance of survival. I came across BeatO while I was scrolling through Facebook and I decided to give it a shot. BeatO mere liye bilkul maa ke jaisa hai.

My health coach and doctors have played a major role in bringing my HbA1c under control. I share pictures of my food everyday with my health coach on Whatsapp and she helps me make the right changes. Maine aaj tak BeatO jaisa App nai dekha.

BeatO Unbeatable HbA1c Deepa

Meet Abhishek Sanganeria

Diabetes aapke saare organs ko kharab karta hai, isiliye main risk nahi lena chahta tha.

I believe that diabetes takes a toll on both your physical and mental health. I had also lost my self-confidence as a result of my weight gain.

I started my journey Diabetes Care Programs by BeatO. Being a foodie, I thought it would be very difficult for me to make all the changes to my routine. With the help of my BeatO health coach and doctor, I was able to witness a huge improvement in my sugar levels.

BeatO Unbeatable HbA1c Abhishek

Meet Roshni Devi

Mujhe apna lifestyle change karne ki bahut zaroorat thi. Mera nature of work sitting wala tha aur mujhe kafi ghanto tak ek seat pe baithna padta tha.

In April 2022, I started my journey with BeatO. I was recommended a diet which is low in carbs and high in protein. My health coach takes a daily follow-up of my diet and I can now analyse what all food items were leading to a spike in my sugar levels.

Even the doctors on the App are very friendly and always there to help me out. I have never experienced diabetes care like this before.

BeatO Unbeatable HbA1c Roshni

Meet Prashant Kumar Garg

My sugar level had once reached 500 mg/dL. My doctor said that we’d have to put you on insulin if your situation aggravates.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I found out about BeatO. I decided to kickstart my diabetes care journey and joined their Diabetes Care Programs. BeatO takes care of me just like a parent takes care of his child.

Whenever my sugar reading is high or low, I get a call from my health coach. Even the doctors on the App are readily available and they give me instant and effective advice.

BeatO Unbeatable HbA1c Prashant

Meet Krishna Belwal

Despite my best efforts to manage my busy lifestyle, I began to notice troubling symptoms like frequent headaches and tingling sensations in my legs.

I liked the complete 360-degree approach towards diabetes management and was convinced of the Diabetes Care Programs by BeatO potential to help me make positive changes in my health. I no longer require medication for my blood pressure, and my diabetes medication has reduced by half.

BeatO Unbeatable HbA1c Krishna

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Unbeatables are BeatO care program members who have beat diabetes and inspire millions of others.