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#LoveBeatO: This Valentine’s Give Heartfelt Gifts To Your Partner

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#LovebeatO: Gift For Your Partner

So, young love! Valentine’s Day is here, and with it, the BeatO family is holding an amazing #LoveBeatO campaign to spread love and a healthy life. BeatO’s initiative is to spread care and support to individuals with diabetes. Wondering how? Allow me to explain. This is a mass mission by the people of BeatO to foster positive health outcomes for people with diabetes, leading them towards fulfilling & positive lives. It will commence on February 14th and will incorporate both offline and online platforms to maximise its reach and impact.

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Through this simple process of scanning a letter containing a QR code, individuals with diabetes can unlock this valuable gift of free doctor consultation. This consultation service offers personalised guidance and expert advice tailored to the specific needs of each individual, thereby facilitating better management of their condition.

Furthermore, this campaign will be actively promoted offline in Delhi, with teams stationed at various high-traffic areas to engage with the community directly. Additionally, the #LoveBeatO campaign will leverage social media platforms such as WhatsApp to engage with a wider audience.

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4 Things To Gift To Your Partner

Here are four meaningful gift ideas that you must give to your partner this Valentine’s Day:

Free Dr. Consultation

You can prioritise the health and overall well-being of your partner by gifting them a consultation with a diabetes specialist. Moreover, this personalised session can provide invaluable insights and guidance on managing their condition effectively.


Gift your partner with a trustworthy glucometer, empowering them to monitor their blood glucose levels accurately and conveniently. A quality glucometer is an essential tool for effective diabetes management.

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Diabetes Care Program

This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner BeatO’s Diabetes Care Program, which offers comprehensive support for diabetes management. This includes access to digital tools, personalised diet plans, medication reminders, and ongoing support from healthcare professionals.

Wellness Products

Consider gifting wellness products specifically designed for individuals with diabetes, such as diabetic-friendly snacks, supplements, or skincare products. These thoughtful gifts promote overall well-being and support healthier lifestyle choices.

Click here to buy our exclusive range of Wellness products: Diabetes Care Combo Kit

By giving these unique gifts to your partner and participating in the #LoveBeatO campaign, individuals can express their love and support for their partners with diabetes while also contributing to a broader movement of diabetes awareness.

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