diabetes technology

How Has Advancement In Technology Impacted Diabetes Care?

The advancement in technology has proven to be a boon for civilization. It has led to improvements in all fields ...
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Diabetes-friendly and Healthy Eid Recipes | BeatO Food Lab

Are you looking for healthy recipes for Eid? Read this blog to find some easy and diabetes-friendly eid recipes specially ...
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asthma and diabetes

Asthma and Diabetes: All You Need to Know

Both Asthma and Diabetes are chronic diseases. Is there a link between them? On this World Asthma Day, read this ...
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summer care for people with diabetes

Summer Care for People with Diabetes

While the scorching heat of summer can have an adverse effect on both your health and skin, it can be ...
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diabetes in summer

Tips to Manage Diabetes in Summer

In comparison to other seasons, summer can be very challenging and demanding. The scorching heat, combined with sweat, rashes, and ...
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healthy recipes for iftar

Ramadan Special: Healthy Recipes for Iftar

Are you looking for healthy recipes for Iftar? Read this blog to find some easy and diabetes-friendly recipes that you ...
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anita jain blog cover

Unbeatables | Anita Jain – “The tingling sensation in my legs has stopped and now I can sleep peacefully at night.”

Anita Jain 54 years old, Housewife Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Anita is a 54 year old housewife who lives ...
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Effects of Diabetes on Your Overall Health

High blood sugar levels can damage various nerves and organs. Glucose, often known as blood sugar, is the body's primary ...
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diabetic diet plan

Diabetic Diet Plan for a Sportsperson

An adequate diet is required for every sporty individual and even more so, when they are a diabetic. A person ...
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diabetes and pregnancy

Risk Factors Associated with Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy

Dealing with type 1 diabetes can be challenging, especially if you are planning to have a baby. Managing type 1 ...
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