Unbeatables - Nitin Bajwan

Unbeatables | Nitin Bajwan – “My fasting reading came down from 250 mg/dL to 155 mg/dL with BeatO.”

Nitin BajwanUttar PradeshDiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes  Nitin Bajwan is 30 years old and lives in Uttar Pradesh with his ...
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Curv Glucometer

How to Use a Glucometer? Monitor Your Sugar Levels at Home!

Glucometers are an imperative tool in the lives of diabetics. Whether you are a Type-1 diabetic or Type-2 diabetic, it ...
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Can diabetics fast during navratri?

Can Diabetics Fast During Navratri?

As Navratri is around the corner, many of us want to keep a fast as a way of paying our ...
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Unbeatables | Roshni Devi – “My HbA1c came down from 10.7% to 7.6% with BeatO’s Diabetes Care Program.”

Roshni Devi, 58 years oldChief Supervisor at MTNLDiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Roshni Devi is 58 years old and works ...
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alzheimer diabetes type 3

Alzheimer’s and Diabetes: Are They Connected?

Did you know Alzheimer’s is also called Type 3 Diabetes? In this blog, find the link between Alzheimer's and diabetes!  ...
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drinks for diabetes

Drinks For Diabetics | What Kind Of Drinks Are Suitable For Diabetics?

As a diabetic person, you always keep a tab on what you are eating. But do you pay attention to ...
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डायबिटीज कंट्रोल  करने का आसान तरीका – जाने कैसे घर बैठे एचबीए1सी (HbA1c) कम कर सकते है 

अपना एचबीए1सी (HbA1c) कम और डायबिटीज कण्ट्रोल करने के बारे में विस्तार से जानने के लिए यह ब्लॉग पढ़ें। टाइप ...
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diabetes hba1c

What’s Increasing Your Blood Sugar Level? 5 Ways to Lower HbA1c

When you are living with type 2 diabetes, you know that controlling your diabetes and keeping your HbA1c in the ...
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dry fruits for diabetics

Benefits of Dry Fruits for Diabetics

Dehydrated fruits or dry fruits are known for their wholesome value, long shelf life, and great taste. They are rich ...
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What are the Benefits of Coconut for Diabetes Patients?

Once you know how foods, especially carbohydrates, affect your blood sugar, you can evaluate them and make educated estimates with ...
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