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Multani Mitti Benefits For Hair & Skin

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Multani Mitti, also known as Fullers Earth or Bentonite Clay, is a clay rich in minerals with a high water content. It was primarily obtained from Multan, Pakistan, and hence has this name. Multani mitti has been a part of the beauty regimen in many Indian households for as long as we can remember. What makes this fine powder a preferred home remedy for self-care is its numerous benefits.

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In this article, we are going to talk about various Multani mitti benefits and how you can incorporate them into your self-care regimen. So, let’s get started!

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Multani Mitti Benefits for Skin

Multani Mitti Benefits for Skin

Multani mitti is frequently used to enhance the look and feel of the skin. Here are the benefits it offers for maintaining skin health and rejuvenation:

Absorbs excess sebum

The sebaceous glands in our body produce sebum to keep it moisturised and protected from foreign particles. However, too much sebum production is not good for the skin and results in what we call “oily skin.” Oily skin can lead to clogged pores, the entrapment of dirt, and even acne. Multani mitti, with its skin mattifying properties, does wonders at absorbing excess sebum off the skin and leaving it less oily.

Deep cleanses your skin

When applied to facial skin, Multani mitti acts as a gentle cleanser. It deeply cleanses the skin and removes dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities that settle on the skin in our day-to-day lives. This natural clay serves as a great cleanser for people with oily skin, as their skin is more prone to collecting dirt and grime. When used regularly, Multani mitti helps keep their skin refreshed and clean.

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Brightens up your skin tone

Another Multani mitti benefit that we love is its ability to brighten up skin tone and give it an even and radiant finish. The exfoliating property of this natural clay removes dead skin cells accumulated on the skin and reveals fresh and brighter-looking skin. Furthermore, Multani mitti, owing to its anti-tanning properties, helps lighten sun tan and even out skin tone to give you relief from sun-damaged skin.

Lightens scars and blemishes

Scars and blemishes are common skin problems that affect a lot of people. While these issues are harmless, they are still unwanted due to cosmetic reasons. One of the easiest ways to tackle scarring and unwanted marks on the skin is to use Multani mitti. When applied as a face pack, Multani mitti lightens scars and blemishes, making way for smooth, glowing skin.

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Fights acne and pimples

Multani mitti can be a saviour for people struggling with acne. It helps fight acne in multiple ways. It controls excess oil production in the skin, unclogs pores, removes dirt and impurities, and soothes irritated skin because of its cooling nature. Though Multani mitti is effective for controlling acne, but make sure to get a nod from your dermatologist before adding it to your skincare routine.

Reduces pore size and prevents clogged pores

Multani mitti has the tendency to tighten the skin and minimise pore size. This gives a finished and taut look after you wash your face with water after applying Multani mitti. It clears the skin, removes debris accumulated in skin pores, and prevents future clogging.

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Soothes redness and inflammation

The next Multani mitti benefit is its ability to soothe redness and inflammation. Human skin can easily get irritated and inflamed due to infections or skin conditions like acne. Multani mitti, due to its cooling properties, is quite effective in calming rashes, inflammation, and insect bites and providing the desired relief.

Has anti-ageing properties

Multani mitti is also beneficial in preventing skin ageing. It does so by enhancing blood circulation in the skin, pushing nutrients towards it, and making it look nice and supple. Plus, its high mineral and antioxidant content diminishes fine lines, prevents wrinkle formation, and gives the skin a youthful appearance.

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Multani Mitti Benefits for Hair

In case you thought Multani mitti benefits were limited to the skin, you are not quite right. The clay is equally beneficial for hair as well. Many people count on Multani mitti and use it regularly for hair care. Here is a list of Multani mitti benefits for hair:

  • Multani mitti improves blood circulation to the scalp.
  • It cleanses and conditions the hair and protects the scalp from dirt and bacteria.
  • It fights dandruff and other scalp infections.
  • It helps balance the pH of the scalp.
  • It strengthens hair follicles and minimises hair loss.
  • It repairs damaged hair strands and improves their texture.

How to Use Multani Mitti

For Skin:

1. Take one teaspoon of Multani mitti in a bowl.

2. Add a sufficient amount of plain water/ rose water/ milk/ aloe vera gel to form a smooth paste.

3. Apply the paste all over your facial skin and neck.

4. Leave it undisturbed for 10–15 minutes.

5. Wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it with a fresh towel.

6. Finish your skincare by applying your favourite moisturiser.

For Hair:

1. Prepare a hair mask by mixing equal quantities (around 3 tbsp.) of Multani mitti and yoghurt in a bowl.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to it if you have dandruff.

3. Apply this mask, covering your scalp and hair properly.

4. Leave it on for 20–30 minutes.

5. Rinse the hair mask, followed by shampoo and conditioner.

6. Use a towel to soak dripping water before letting your hair air dry.

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Final Word

Multani mitti benefits discussed above clearly show why this natural clay has been a part of the beauty routine of thousands of women for ages and why it has been an important constituent in several Ayurvedic treatments and herbal beauty products.

But before you join the bandwagon of Multani mitti users, make sure you identify your skin type. If you have normal to oily skin, you can probably use this powder safely without any side effects. However, if you are someone with overly sensitive and dry skin, you may notice over-drying, redness, and itching. Therefore, we recommend you always perform a patch test before you go ahead and apply it all over your skin.

When used correctly, Multani mitti offers many benefits and can quickly become your natural and effective skin and haircare solution.

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Disclaimer: The content of this article is compiled information from generic and public sources. It is in no way a substitute, suggestion, or advice for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. BeatoApp does not claim responsibility for this information.

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