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5 Factors That Have A Big Impact On Your Blood Glucose Reading

5 Factors That Have A Big Impact On Your Blood Glucose Reading

Having diabetes requires you to monitor your sugar levels regularly to avoid any complications. However, another important aspect of reading your diabetes reading is the accuracy of the blood glucose reading.

 Here are five significant factors that affect the accuracy of the blood sugar readings:

  •    Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions - 5 Factors that have A Big Impact on your Blood Glucose Reading

 Although this is an external factor and is beyond your control, necessary steps need to be taken to ensure environmental conditions such as heat or humidity is not affecting the blood glucose reading. Always check your diabetes reading and keep your strips at room temperature.

  •    Substances on Your Skin

At times, dirt or any other substance on your the testing site of the skin can hamper the blood glucose reading. In such cases, sugar levels can show inaccurate results. Therefore, it is always best to wash and dry your hands before your diabetes reading.

  •    Amount of Blood

5 Factors That Have A Big Impact On Your Blood Glucose Reading

Not having enough blood on the strip can too have a big impact on the blood sugar readings. Apply gentle pressure to the pricked figure and touch a generous drop of blood on the strip. Do not add more blood to the test strip after adding the first drop. 

  •    Meter Issues

Another common problem while monitoring your blood sugar levels is having meter issues. This could vary from improper coding or a dirty meter to an improperly inserted strip. Hence, you should clean your meter after every reading.

  •    Test Strips

The test strips that come with your glucometer have an expiration date written on the packaging. It is essential to throw out outdated and damaged strips. Moreover, you must store the strips for a blood glucose reading in a tightly sealed container that is away from heat and humidity. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is to use the strips that are specially designed for your glucometer.

Once in a while, it is advisable to match your readings with a lab result to check for inaccuracies. Results that are 15 per cent within the lab readings are considered accurate.

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