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5 Ways to Enjoy this Diwali with Sumptuous Diabetes Food

While all Indian festivals are directly proportional to the mouth-watering temptations of our taste buds, it is the festival of lights which arrives with a bang, quite literally, throwing the immensely disciplined lifestyle followed by diabetics completely off-track.

A festival to be welcomed and celebrated with open arms, Diwali begins playing with your taste buds months in advance, even if you just begin thinking about it. The plethora of savoury delights rich in sugar and fat is often labeled as not suitable as food for diabetics. But then does that mean the spirit of festive celebrations gets dampened that easily? Certainly not.

We bring the following ways of enjoying the celebrations and festivities with smart and healthy alternatives with diabetic food variants.

1. Serve Your Sweet Tooth

With dates, raisins, fruits and other natural sweeteners. Avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs. Although fruits are rich in carbohydrates, the vitamins, minerals and fiber present in fruits keeps you feeling light, fit and active during festive rush. These natural sweeteners also work wonders in not only serving your taste buds but also add to the visual appeal of your Diwali menu.

2. It Oil Matters
However hard you try to avoid it, oil is inseparable from cooking, especially for festive food. But food for diabetic patient can contain oil and still be healthier than food cooked for non-diabetics. The key is to replace regular cooking oil with avocado or olive oil. Being rich in mono-saturated fats, poly-unsaturated fats and omega 3 fats, these oils help control and even lower your blood sugar levels. You can keep a track of your sugar levels with a glucometer device.

3. Exercise Consistency is the Key
Diwali calls for celebrations and relaxation and all of us want to take it easy, sit back and enjoy to the fullest. While all that is understandable, your body won’t understand the gap in physical workout that you have been following and this will directly lead to fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. So get going even if it means walking a longer distance from parking to the shopping destination or enrolling in a short term dance or aerobics school to combat boredom.

4. Think Small, Think Ahead
Well, don’t get confused; what we mean here is to watch not only the ingredients of the desserts but also the portions you are taking. This becomes especially important if you know the upcoming days are already booked for celebrations-cum-food-treats. Including fresh salads and buttermilk in one of the meals during the day will serve as a fantastic diabetes patient food.

5. Healthy Choices Are Here For You
You really don’t have to go crazy looking for healthier food for diabetics, especially when your personalized diabetes expert, BeatO, is right by your side. With healthier variants like oats in flavours like berry, nuts and cinnamon along with multi grain atta, methi dana atta and palak atta, diabetic food couldn’t get more tempting and extravagant.

So participate in the festivities with full zeal and manage your diabetes with ease.
Happy Diwali!

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