Friday , 6 December 2019
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Taking Charge of Diabetes: Regular Monitoring with Smartphone Glucometer

Living with diabetes requires regular blood sugar monitoring, with the frequency of the test varying according to the stage of diabetes and patterns of sugar levels in your blood. Frequent monitoring has been simplified with a compact and handy device – blood glucose meters – which can give instant blood sugar readings in the comfort of your home or office …

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Which are the best fruits for diabetics?

This is the commonest question which arises in the minds of the diabetics as many of them believe that they can’t eat fruits as all fruits contain high sugar content. But there are lots of healthy fruits for diabetes patients with low GI value. What’s your GI? Some foods can make your blood sugar shoot up very fast. That’s because carbohydrates like …

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How many Diabetic Test Strips are required per month?

At the heart of diabetes management is regular monitoring of your sugar levels. Besides checking your HbA1c levels, sugar monitoring with a home use glucometer is a must. You may use a simple glucometer or the newer and more technologically advanced mobile based glucometer. These smartphone glucometers attach via the audio port of your phone and allow you to save …

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Which Flour to Prefer If You Are a Diabetic?

Diabetes has been known to restrict your food preferences and render many edible items harmful for people with diabetes. What can you say about exotic meals when food as basic and essential as flour must be properly analyzed for its composition and a conscious choice is necessary for which flour to prefer if you are a diabetic? With India declared …

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Diabetes and Your Period

Diabetes is a chronic condition which does not discriminate between genders. However, women have a different set of difficulties with regards to overseeing diabetes.  Every woman has a different cycle of menstruation ranging from 20 to 40 days or more. And in some cases, the cycle changes regularly. Unusually long or infrequent menstrual cycles might be connected to insulin resistance. …

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