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Prabhakar M.- “I lost over 20 kg in just four months with BeatO.”

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Prabhakar Mishra

BeatO Unbeatables – Prabhakar Mishra

“I went from 100 kg to 79 kg in just four months with BeatO”

34 years old, works at HCL Technologies
Runs his own YouTube channel (Advik Lifestyle)

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This is the story of Prabhakar Mishra, who overcame pre-diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure with exceptional grit and determination.

“I had a near death experience due to my pre-diabetic condition. I frequently felt lethargic and I would generally get exhausted after driving for a short while. Once I had a long day at work and after conducting numerous interviews, I fell asleep while driving. Without even realising, I collided into a bus. I experienced a complete blackout and was completely helpless. I woke up after 5 minutes in a dizzy state and knew that my lethargic state could have led to a fatal accident. I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I knew I had to get tested.”

The firm that Prabhakar works for, has their own healthcare system in place. He had gotten himself tested and had been following up on their advice since 2015. His blood reports were haywire and he wasn’t getting any benefit at all. He had also used a glucometer before, but checked his readings only once or twice a month. It was in 2020 that his friend suggested that he should start using BeatO.

“I am really glad that I made the decision to go ahead with my friend’s advice due to which I am in a much better position today. I started following the steps as recommended by my BeatO health coach- Madhuparna. She provided me with a personalised diet plan. I was really impressed with the hard work and dedication that was shown by her.
Apart from that, the test strips were easy to purchase and BeatO also provided numerous plans. Doctor consultations were also a part of the package. I thought these plans were really worth it.”

Let today be the day you give up who you’ve

been for who you can become.”

Prabhakar exercises everyday to maintain his vitals. He tries to complete 4 kms of running everyday. Not only this, he gave up his habit of drinking tea. He substituted it with herbal teas and he also makes sure that he drinks around 5 litres of water everyday.

“My journey from being an obese to an overweight person has motivated me immensely. I lost over 20 kgs over the course of four months. My hbA1c levels came down from 6.8 to 5.1. I also recommended BeatO to my mother and her hbA1c came down from 7.2 to 6.5.”

‘My wife is my pillar of strength. It was only because of her that I have been able to reach a stable sugar level and also have been able to correct my blood report. She has always pushed me towards maintaining my overall health.’

Prabhakar started his own YouTube channel in 2020, showcasing healthy and tasty recipes. He says that the work from home situation worked to his advantage as he could work and simultaneously prepare healthy recipes for his son.

“Earlier I was focussed on how a dish tasted. Now I focus both on taste and health.
I make no use of green chillies and balance the taste with salt, turmeric and garam masala.”

He recommends that one should always stay in contact with their health coach to stay informed and receive the right guidance. He speaks to his health coach before any upcoming events (weddings, parties, etc.) and informs himself of the possible diet to make sure that he is able to maintain his vitals in the best way.

It was with persistent effort that Prabhakar was able to overcome his condition. He follows the 21-day formula. He believes that if you follow a particular method repeatedly, then it becomes a habit and then ultimately your lifestyle. It is only with these habits that he was able to reach a healthier and happier version of himself. He is grateful to BeatO for being a part of his journey.

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