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Diabetes and Obesity | How To Reduce Belly Fat?

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Belly fat is more harmful for diabetics than any other fat in your body because it increases the risk of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. One of the leading risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes is obesity. Therefore, it becomes essential that you maintain a healthy weight.

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Maintaining a healthy weight can also help you avoid diabetes-related complications such as heart attacks, strokes, etc. Belly fat also increases the risk of cancer and therefore, it should be avoided at all costs.

The easiest way to gauge your belly fat is to measure the circumference of your waist above your hip bone. It will also help you in analysing abdominal obesity and the risk of related conditions.

Eat Right To Avoid Belly Fat

One of the easiest ways of reducing belly fat is to cut out processed foods in your diet. They contain preservatives and unhealthy fats which also lead to a significant rise in your sugar levels.

Being a diabetic, you should take extra care of your diet. A diabetic diet should be rich in fibre and low in calories. A diabetic person is recommended a diet which has fewer carbohydrates. You should always speak to your health coach or nutritionist before opting for any particular diet.

You should absolutely avoid carbonated sodas and sugar drinks as they can increase your sugar levels. You should opt for beverages like herbal teas, infused water, etc.

High Intensity Exercises To Avoid Belly Fat

High-Intensity Exercises To Avoid Belly Fat

Exercising is beneficial for both diabetic and non-diabetic people. It can help you avoid muscle stiffness, improve flexibility and also help you keep your sugar levels under control. Having a regular workout regime can also help you improve your heart health. It can help you boost your mental health and has innumerable benefits for a diabetic person.

One of the best ways to avoid belly fat is through exercise. Engaging in a high-intensity workout can help you avoid belly fat. The following exercises are recommended for a person having diabetes-

  • Dumbbell squat to overhead press
  • Reverse lunge to single-arm cable row
  • Deadlift
  • Incline Push up
Belly Fat And Your Stress Levels

Belly Fat And Your Stress Levels

Stress can also lead to excess abdominal fat. To keep yourself stress-free, you can practise yoga, meditation, light up incense sticks, have a good laugh with your friends, etc. You should also make sure that you have an ample amount of sleep in a day. There is a direct relationship between your stress levels and your sugar levels. Increased stress can cause a spike in your sugar levels. Therefore, you should try to remain stress-free at all times.

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Obesity can lead to a number of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Abdominal fat is not only harmful for people who have diabetes but it can also be a risk factor for developing diabetes in healthy people. It is only through everyday practices like eating a healthy diet, working out on a regular basis or keeping yourself stress-free, that you will be able to avoid abdominal (visceral) fat.

Being a diabetic, it is also essential that you monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis. It is only when you know your sugar level, you will optimise your diet and lifestyle, after consulting your health coach or endocrinologist.

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