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Diabetes Management: 5 Creative New Year Resolutions for Diabetics

Diabetes Management: 5 Creative New Year Resolutions for Diabetics

Raise your hand if you too didn’t realise that 2019 just went by! However, as another year goes by, it is time to assess how your year has been and what you are looking forward to in the coming year. New Year is a great time to learn from your mistakes and make better choices. From losing that extra weight to quitting smoking, we all have our list ready.

To help you finalise your resolutions, here are 5 creative and healthy new year resolutions for effective diabetes management:

1)     Make your insulin work harder

Insulin effectiveness can differ from person to person; infact it depends on the type of insulin too. Promise yourself that for New Year 2020, you will improve your insulin sensitivity by adopting healthy strategies and manage diabetes naturally. One of the key ways of doing the same would be by including exercise to your daily regime. Try including weights 2-5 times a week and stay hydrated all the time. In order to not get bored, try to create a workout regime that has a mix of cardio such as jogging, and running. Also, don’t forget to keep a backups of your glucometer strips.

2)     Say ‘YES’ to good food

Another new year resolution for diabetes is that you must make yourself say ‘YES’ to good food. Do not opt for convenience this year and instead focus on having a healthy and nutritional diet. Cut out on ultra-processed foods since they are loaded with fatty, sugary, and obesogenic ingredients for effective diabetes management.

Focus on eating whole foods that are minimally processed such as fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and other forms of non-processed food. The key to a good diet is moderation and portion control. 

3)     Know your numbers as nicely as you know your friends

2020 should be the year when you start understanding your blood sugar levels as nicely as you know your friends or phone. Know the ABCs of your body, precisely, your A1c, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels of your body. Although each person might have different levels basis their condition, it is ideal to have A1c levels less than 7%, blood pressure to be 130-140/80, and cholesterol levels to be less than 100.

4)     Consult your diabetes educator every 2-4 weeks

Apart from scheduling appointments for annual examination with your podiatrist, ophthalmologist, Endocrinologist, and dentist, ensure you consult your diabetes educator in every 2-4 weeks for effective diabetes management. This will help you in making changes to your diet and lifestyle basis on your condition. Moreover, this will also enable you to clear your doubts, if any.

5)     Improve your lifestyle

Before starting your new year, examine your current hygiene and lifestyle to understand where you can improve the same. For instance, quit smoking if you are a smoker, do not eat junk whenever and wherever you go, stay hydrated always, etc. Ensure you check your feet every day to spot cuts, blisters, or sores. Wear socks to protect your feet. 

New Year is one of the best times to assess how your previous year has been and how you can improve yourself. With the parties and social gatherings that happen around this time, do not forget to have a great time and enjoy your New Year. But also do not forget your resolutions, stick to the same and have a healthy life with diabetes.

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