Friday , 30 July 2021

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Benefits of herbal tea for people with chronic conditions

If you have any chronic condition, your doctor or health coach must have advised you what kind of beverages to skip, i.e., sugar-packed juices and energy drinks. Avoiding these drinks does not mean that you have to miss out on the flavours. You just need to replace these sweetened drinks with something healthy and diabetic-friendly. These unhealthy drinks can be …

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Relatable Things Parents Say ( And They Are Right )

“Abhi mera kehna nai manoge. Baad me dekh lena mujhe thank you bologe!” Not just Parent’s Day, but everyday is a reminder for all the effort that our parents have put in to shape us into the individuals that we are today.  Here is some advice that we all have received from our parents at some point in our lives. …

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