Thursday , 28 October 2021

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Diabetes Care Guide for Dussehra 2021


Dussehra brings us back to our favourite childhood memories. Ramleela, fireworks, delicacies and a joyful time with our family. But along with the festivities, Dussehra is a reminder of the power of good over evil. It is celebrated as a major Hindu festival in India with absolute grandeur. We honour the victory of good over evil by burning the effigy …

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The role of Diabetes Educators in managing your diabetic condition

Who is a Diabetes Educator? Diabetes educators are healthcare professionals who have an expertise in the field of diabetes. They have to pass an exam in order to become a certified diabetes educator.  The role of a diabetes educator is to help a person with diabetes to improve their condition and get their sugar levels within the controlled range. They …

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