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Hidden Side Effect Of Holi Colour And Precautions To Take

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Holi is a vibrant festival of colours and this marks the arrival of the spring season. We all have played Holi in our childhood and we all as adults still enjoy playing Holi with water and colours.

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However, how much fun the Holi festival is, it is important to highlight the harmful side effects of Holi colour that we all use to play Holi with our friends. Recent studies have shown that most of Holi colours contain toxic chemicals that when applied to our skin penetrate deep inside our skin and can cause harmful effects. Now let’s explore some of the harmful side effect of Holi colour and what alternatives we can use, including some precautions we can follow before playing Holi.

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Harmful Side Effect Of Holi Colour

Harmful Side Effect Of Holi Colour

1. Respiratory Issues

Toxic chemicals in Holi colours are known to cause respiratory issues like issues are aggravated asthma, bronchitis, and a condition called COPD, which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, leading to symptoms like continuous sneezing, coughing, and excessive mucus production.

For people with asthma, this can trigger inflammation and narrowing of air passages, leading to symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, and difficulty in breathing. Asthma episodes can get bad and you may need to see a doctor right away. For those with COPD, a bunch of lung diseases that get worse over time, like emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

2. Skin Problems

The dyes and chemicals used to make Holi colours can ruin your skin, and cause skin irritation, itching, rashes, and in severe cases, chemical burns. These powders, wet colours often contain counterfeit dyes that have metals which are not good for the human body. Such colours are made up of lead, chromium, cadmium, copper, mercury among others, and even sometimes asbestos and all these are unfriendly to your skin. Even the dry powder colours, or ‘gulaal’, commonly used in Holi celebrations, along with the wet colours, are often manufactured using synthetic colours that contain hazardous chemicals.

Given these potential risks, there is an increasing demand for awareness and a market for safer products to for Holi celebrations. Using natural, plant-based colours or organic alternatives can significantly reduce the risk of skin problems.

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3. Eye Injuries

Another significant side effect of the Holi colour is that they might damage your eyes. These chemicals, which are abrasive and irritating, can enter the eyes causing redness, excessive watering and severe gritty discomfort in them. Sometimes these colours even contain dangerous metals which if they come into contact with eyes might lead to permanent loss of vision.

4. Hair Damage

Your friends might apply colour to your hair while playing Holi, which is totally possible as everyone is just having fun and celebrating the festival. However, some colours can be hard to remove from hair and can damage your hair by making it dry and unevenly coloured. The scalp might also become flaky and irritated leading to itching and dandruff issues.

Additionally, these harsh chemicals used in Holi colours can strip hair’s natural oils and moisture, making them look dry and damaged. This can be especially harmful for dyed or treated hairs that are likely more susceptible to damage as they are more vulnerable.

5. Toxic Chemicals

Some artificial colours that are used to make Holi colours may contain poisonous substances such as asbestos, mercury, or lead which may cause harm when they come in contact with your skin or enter your mouth mistakenly which is quite possible while celebrating and having fun celebrating Holi. The side effects of Holi colour are quite dangerous and are cause for concern.

Even slight exposure to lead can cause serious harm, particularly among children whose neurological functions might be impacted resulting in cognitive development delays. Lead exposure in adults causes high blood pressure and kidney damage and even affects fertility levels adversely.

6. Environmental pollution

Also, chemicals used to manufacture Holi colours are bad for the environment and this is one of the worst side effects of Holi colours. Also, a significant portion of Holi colours end up being washed into rivers, lakes and other water bodies. This not only alters their composition but changes their physical appearance revealing shocking shades. But this also induces a cocktail of chemicals into the aquatic ecosystem.

The contamination of soil and water has a cascading effect on biodiversity. Plants and animals that rely on these resources for sustenance are exposed to harmful substances, which can cause mutations, reduce fertility, and even lead to death. The delicate balance of ecosystems is disturbed, which can result in the loss of certain species causing a huge loss of biodiversity.

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Tips and Precautions To Prevent Side Effect of Holi Colour

Tips and Precautions To Prevent Side Effect of Holi Colour

In case you don’t remove the colours properly, the side effect of Holi colour may cause skin irritation, dryness or even acne. Therefore, after you finish with colours you need to pay attention to your skin healing from damages caused by colours. Following a post-Holi skincare routine can help to get back its natural colour and glow again. Here are some key recommendations concerning skin care and hair care that one ought to follow after Holi:

Opt for Natural Colours

Using natural products for Holi is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to celebrate the festival. Using natural, organic colours made from flowers, herbs and other eco-friendly materials during the Holi Festival is the smartest decision which is best for your friends and family. These alternatives are not only safe for your skin and health but also better for the environment.

Protect Your Skin and Hair

Cover your whole body with oil before playing Holi, and make sure to apply a generous layer of oil on you hair, face, and every feasible part of your body. This way it will be easier to wash off colour afterwards as well as create a protective layer against the harmful colours. Wearing long-sleeved attire can also help reduce direct contact with harmful chemicals.

Eye Protection

Wear glasses to safeguard your eyes from direct contact with toxic Holi colours. In case colour enters your eyes and there is any reaction, keep on washing and avoid rubbing at all costs.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water before going out to play Holi helps keep skin hydrated ensuring that it won’t react adversely with colors.

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Tips for removing Holi colour from your face and hair

Looking after your skin and hair is important especially after your skin is painted with a dozen shades of Holi colours. However, it is not a good idea to use force and try to completely wash off the colour of your skin and hair because you might be tempted to do this. Go slow and gentle and slowly in a few washes the colour will go away, don’t try scrubbing too much as it can damage the skin while using soaps that contain strong chemicals will worsen the condition of already delicate and agitated skin. After washing your skin with a mild cleanser and rinse it under cold water.

It is equally important to use a gentle non-drying cleanser when washing your hair. First, give your hair a simple wash with plain water to remove as much colour as possible. After that, wash out the colours using natural shampoo with conditioner.

Avoid taking a hot bath because it can be drying for both hair and skin. The best kind of water is either cold or lukewarm. Also, remember to hydrate your skin with a thick natural moisturizer when you are done bathing. Additionally, you need to avoid facials, bleach or other facial treatments for at least four to five days following celebrations as these can make your skin or hair dry and can even cause irritations. And if we follow proper tips we can totally avoid the side effect of Holi colour.


Holi is a time of joy, love, and renewal. By being mindful of the products we use and taking simple precautions from the side effect of Holi colour, we can ensure that the festival remains a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Let’s embrace the true essence of Holi by celebrating with colours that are not just vibrant but also kind to our health and the planet.

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Disclaimer: The content of this article is compiled information from generic and public sources. It is in no way a substitute, suggestion, or advice for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. Beato App does not claim responsibility for this information.

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