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How to Reverse Prediabetes – Steps for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

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“Pre” when appended to certain words, such as “prediabetes,” offers a sense of relief, but when the same word is added to “premature”, it creates a sense of fear. In any case, let this prefix not fool you when it comes to diabetes. Remember, prediabetes can easily and quickly evolve into people with diabetes once the pancreas malfunctions or your body becomes a victim of “Insulin Resistance”.

The Indian Diabetes Scenario –

As per the 2022 report, more than 101 million Indians have diabetes, while the number of prediabetes is simply staggering: around 135 million. This roughly translates into 10% of the population. Even more disturbing is that most affected individuals are unaware of it.

Prediabetes Versus Diabetes –

Although people with prediabetes do not need to take medicines or insulin, they are at a higher risk of developing heart and cardiovascular ailments later in their lives. On the other hand, a person with diabetes needs continuous monitoring and medicines. In some instances, insulin becomes mandatory.

The Good News –

The term “reversal diabetes” is not a myth. Prediabetes is completely reversible. Read on to learn how to prevent this ailment from transforming into Type 2 diabetes.

Understanding Prediabetes – What It Means and Why It Matters

Unlike type-2 diabetes, where the cells fail to react to insulin efficiently and thereby absorb sugar/glucose from the blood, accumulating large amounts of glucose in the system, prediabetes signals the onset. It means either the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or the cells are not absorbing enough sugar. Either way, the sugar levels in prediabetes tend to hover around or close to the stipulated threshold.

Know Your Risk – Identifying Factors That Contribute to Prediabetes

As mentioned in the introduction, prediabetes is the rise of glucose levels in the bloodstream. However, its increase is mild and therefore not categorised as diabetes, especially type-2. So, what are the factors that trigger this ailment, and what are the insulin resistance symptoms? The triggers include—obesity, sedate and undisciplined lifestyle, diet, stress, age, and family history. At the same time, the typical symptoms are thirst, frequent urination, vision issues, cuts that take time to heal, etc.

The Role of Blood Sugar – Understanding Glucose Levels in Prediabetes

Remember, a healthy person with no signs of blood sugar upheavals does not need frequent testing. On the other hand, a person with even a slight increase (people with prediabetes) needs to be monitored regularly. Any further spike is a cause of concern which must be addressed quickly. Having a glucometer at home can make a big difference in managing prediabetes. A normal fasting blood sugar level is 99 or

The Power of Lifestyle Changes – Making Healthier Choices

You can prevent, delay, and even reverse prediabetes by making healthier choices and opting for an insulin-resistant diet. So what are these choices? To begin with—reducing weight and working out regularly. By shedding weight and making your body sweat out through intense exercises, you lower the chances of prediabetes.

Incorporating Physical Activity – Exercise Plans for Prediabetes Reversal

Physical activity for prediabetes reversal does not mean moving from one place to another within your office or residential space. To reverse the condition, you need to initiate the following-

  • Strength Exercises / Training – This includes weight lifting, pull-ups, etc.
  • Aerobics / Cardio – Swimming, dancing, and running.

The Prediabetes Diet – Foods to Embrace and Avoid

The logic is really simple. Make sure you reduce the intake of carbohydrates, saturated fats, and sugars and replace it with proteins. It means avoiding white bread, potatoes, and white rice. What you should eat instead is fresh fruits, veggies, proteins in the form of boiled egg, yogurt (minus cream), cottage cheese, fruits, and veg salads. Dry fruits can go a long way in offering energy and a sense of satiation. This formula works wonders in controlling type 2 diabetes also.

Shedding Extra Pounds – Weight Management Strategies for Prediabetes Reversal

Insulin resistance is one of the major causes of prediabetes. It has been proven in many scientific studies that workouts / intense training and, thereby, weight reduction lowers blood glucose levels. What does this really mean? It means the body’s sensitivity to insulin gets a boost.

Monitoring Progress – The Role of Blood Sugar Testing in Prediabetes Reversal

Whether you are a healthy individual or a person diagnosed with prediabetes, you need to monitor your glucose level regularly and make sure it resides within the recommended range. Regular monitoring, exercise, and a healthy diet are some of the essential steps towards achieving the “reverse prediabetes” goal. Having a sugar testing machine at home/office is a good idea. Your healthcare professional will most likely suggest a lab visit, including an A1C test. This test typically reveals the average blood sugar level along a fixed timeline (three months).

Stress Management – Reducing Stress for Better Blood Sugar Control

According to some studies, stress forces our bodies to release unusual amounts of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These are known to derail the smooth functioning of body cells. Over a period of time, stress results in insulin resistance, which in turn leads to an increase in the blood sugar level. Yoga and meditation can go a long way in managing stress and glucose levels. Imbibing relaxation techniques and hobbies and joining community groups also helps.

Partnering with Healthcare Professionals – Seeking Guidance and Support

Although type-2 diabetes demands much more attention, care, frequent monitoring, and self-management, prediabetes expects you to follow some of these stipulations and routines. Suppose you are overwhelmed by these abrupt changes. In that case, subscribing to a diabetes control program or partnering with healthcare professionals such as BeatO can make your prediabetes life less overbearing.

BeatO, a diabetes device manufacturing and integrated medical support start-up, offers a plethora of services, such as connecting you with a PCP, dietician, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, and it also looks after your health insurance, etc.

Celebrating Success – Recognizing Achievements on the Journey to Reversal

Make sure you pamper yourself when you reach your targeted goal/s. This will motivate you further. Become an inspiration for others. Celebrating success will make sure you continue to remain on the path of remission consistently and perpetually.

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Conclusion –

As mentioned above, let the word “pre” in “prediabetes” not make you complacent. Pre is just three alphabets away from diabetes. You can prevent, slow down, and even reverse prediabetes with minor lifestyle changes, including weight reduction and diet reform. Adopt these changes today and prevent yourself from becoming type-2 diabetes.

Disclaimer:The content of this article is compiled information from generic and public sources. It is in no way a substitute, suggestion, or advice for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. BeatoApp does not claim responsibility for this information .

Dr. Navneet Agarwal is an established and highly skilled Diabetology with over 25 years of experience in Diabetology & Obesity. He is well-regarded for his quality and patient-centered diabetes care. Also, keep track of your blood sugar levels with a Doctors’ approved smart glucometer and elevate your healthcare routine.

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