Is Music Therapy Beneficial for Diabetes Patients?
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Is Music Therapy Beneficial for Diabetes Patients?

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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterised by elevated blood glucose levels. It is caused due to the insufficient production of insulin in the human body. A lifestyle disorder commonly associated withobesity, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle habits, the most commonsymptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, increased urination, increased hunger, weight loss, lack of energy and delayed wound healing.Diabetes, though, is not permanently curable, however, it can be stabilised by controlling blood glucose levels. Treatment includes oral medications and injectables, diet modification, regular exercise, lifestyle changes and weight regulation. Another booming method these days is alternative therapies such as music therapy.

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What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a scientific method of using music and sounds for the treatment of various medical conditions.

The music therapist uses different components of music such as emotional, mental, physical, aesthetic, spiritual and social components, to bring about positive changes in an individual. This acts at the psychological level which in turn helps in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the person being treated.

This method is known to help replace negative thoughts such as fear, anger, depression, hatred, jealousy and hopelessness with positive emotions. Music therapy also helps in building an optimistic attitude towards life, thus being extremely effective for depression-related issues patients.

Music Therapy for Diabetes

Diabetes is complex and thus following a particular or standardised line of treatment might not always work for all. Treatment modules may vary from person to person.

There are many studies that prove music therapy helps control diabetes by maintaining blood glucose levels within acceptable limits.

  • Music improves overall mood and reduces stress levels.
  • Music helps in regulation of blood circulation, therefore helping in absorption of glucose.
  • Music stabilises pulse and blood pressure.
  • This therapy helps in effective metabolism and digestion which improves the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

How is Music Therapy Used for Diabetes Patients?

Music therapy works on the principle of coordination between the beats of the music with your heart beat.

When the beats of the music are equivalent to your normal heart rate, it brings about a soothing effect on your body, mind and soul.

Rhythms that are below the normal heart rate can create calmness and tranquillity; whereas, rhythms that are above the normal heart rate are known to create excitement and exhilaration.

Music in general creates electromagnetic changes in your body that affect brain waves, heart rates, blood pressure and overall state of mind.

Benefits of this method:

  • Helps in relaxation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Reduces stress level by controlling levels of cortisol and oxytocin.
  • Improves your mental balance.
  • Promotes better workout
  • Helps in effective coordination of muscles and nerve systems.
  • Improves sleep and appetite
  • Reduces anxiety and depression.

Overall music therapy is known to be beneficial in multiple ways and overall well-being. For diabetic patients, it is advisable to keep aglucometerhandy at all times. You can also have a before and after therapy blood sugar reading to see how the therapy is working for you.

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We advise you to monitor your sugar readings on a regular basis to know what is working best for your health. It is only when you know whether your sugar reading is in the high, low or controlled range, that you will be able to make the required changes to your lifestyle and diet.

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