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Fats & Diabetes: Reasons Why People With Diabetes Need to Eat Fat

Living with diabetes has been known to demand a disciplined food for diabetics and lifestyle regime. The popular belief of excluding fatty foods from a diabetic diet is widely followed by diabetics across the world. But it is time to think again as recent studies suggest including fats in your diabetic diet is essential for healthy blood sugar levels. The …

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Diabetic Diet: 7 Best Calcium Rich Foods for Diabetic Patients

India has been labeled as the diabetes capital of the world for a reason – with increasing number of diabetes cases being reported every single day due to health factors ignored by majority of the population and lack of knowledge about diet for diabetes. The following lifestyle drawbacks are glaring in front of Indians but they are not taking action …

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Diabetic Macular Edema: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

People with diabetes management planned for themselves also suffer from diabetes macular edema which leads to the biggest cause of vision loss. In order to protect your vision and maintain good eye health, it is first important to know about this eye related problem along with maintaining normal sugar levels. What is Diabetic Macular Edema? Diabetic macular edema is the …

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How Does Blood Glucose Monitoring Device or Glucometer Work?

BeatO Smart Glucometer

What is a glucometer? A glucometer is a medical device that helps self measure blood sugar levels anytime and from anywhere. Because of the level of testing required glucometers must meet specific FDA regulations for accuracy. How does it work? There are various types of glucometers, some that reflect readings on an external device and some are mobile glucometer. A …

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Blood Glucose Monitoring: When, Why and How to Check?

Regular blood sugar levels monitoring This is one of the most important aspect of diabetes management. Management of diabetes requires active participation by the person who has it and people associated with the patient. Monitoring blood glucose levels on a regular basis and analyzing the results is a crucial part of the treatment. When diagnosed with diabetes, usually a blood …

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Glucose Levels V/S Insulin Levels: Everything You Need to Know

Human body is a combination of complex functioning of various organ systems working together to help us lead a healthy life. Glucose is an extremely important component of the body which is derived from sugar in the food we consume. Foods high in sugar like pasta, grains, cakes, starchy vegetables and pastry act as instant sugar sources which get absorbed …

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