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Tips To Combat The Cold Weather

From the time salad bars have made their place in the restaurants, people usually take them as a healthy choice. Though it is the salad greens that still make a great salad for a healthy meal, you can also add a range of ingredients accessible in the market but if you are a diabetic and are health conscious, you need to be careful of the unforeseen bunch of calories, fat, and carbohydrates these contain. Here we bring you a few tips that can help you make a diabetic friendly and healthy salad:

Go for Dark Leafy Greens
We know that the bottom half of a normal salad container carries around 4 cups of salad greens. Just 1 cup of spinach or lettuce contains nearly 1-2 grams of carbohydrate and less than 10 calories, but it greatly fills you up. So, prefer the dark leafy greens as these are more nutritious.

Get a High-Protein Topping
Salad, certainly is going to curb your hunger if it comprises of good sources of protein, like hard-boiled egg, beans, grilled chicken breast, or shredded mozzarella cheese. You can also count the tuna salad, cottage cheese or ham, but these require additional fat and sodium. The thing to keep in mind is to eat protein rich salad.

Restrict Salad Dressings
Many of the salad dressing ladles grasp 1-2 tablespoons. So, be cautious of the salad dressing ramekins and throwaway dressing containers that are suspected to hold around 4-8 tablespoons.

Enjoy the Greek Chicken Salad
Green chicken salad is considered to be loaded with around 7 kinds of vegetables. This is the best salad that meets your daily vitamin recommendations. You can further top your veggies using lean juicy chicken, flavorful feta, and roasted red pepper hummus.

Sweet Beetroot Salad
If you are craving for something sweet, prepare a salad of raspberry vinaigrette, beets, and apples. You will be surprised to know that this salad contains only 343 calories. Furthermore, the beetroot is a great source of potassium and folate which fetches you numerous health benefits.

Add Strawberry to the Salad
Relish sugary, ripe strawberries along with the nutrient-rich mushrooms and tasty tuna salad. This salad is known to keep you full for quite a longer time as it boasts to have 20 grams of proteins and around 10.5 grams of fiber.

Add the Tang to your Salad
Add crunchy sweet pepper, sweet corns, smooth avocado, beans to make a filling salad. This salad not only satisfies your taste buds but also keeps you full for longer.

Go for Asian Tofu SaladIf you are craving crunch, it is time to make Asian tofu salad. This salad is made with crusty red cabbage, bamboo shoots, and noodles. You can also include baked tofu, Asian sesame vinaigrette and mandarin oranges.

Besides these salad making tips, you must ensure a stable blood sugar level either using a glucometer or a diabetes management app on your smartphones.

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