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Why Modiji’s Announcement for Nutrition Month is Important?

Why Modiji’s Announcement for Nutrition Month is Important?

In the current turbulent times of infections, being healthy and eating well is of utmost importance. Health is determined by the ‘nutrition diet’ we follow by the foods we eat. In fact it is said that good nutrition prevents close to 95% of all diseases. Good nutrition means having a balanced diet with a mix of vitamins and minerals which make us stronger and healthier. Eating unhealthy not only makes us susceptible to infections but also reduces attention span, hampers growth and inhibits productivity.

The World Health Organization lays emphasizes on the need for good nutrition for all as it builds better immune systems, it has proven to improve child and maternal well-being and aids safer pregnancy. When the seed of good nutrition is sown from birth itself, it tends to continue through the baby’s childhood – which is one of the most critical times for such nutrition to be effective.

Why did Prime Minister Narendra Modi announce September to be observed as Nutrition Month?

During the recent Mann Ki Baat session, a radio discourse by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, an emphasis was laid on the importance of nutrition and was termed as the need of the hour declaring the month of September as “Pshoan Maah”, known as the Nutrition Month. The month which will observed as the Nutrition Month will focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits with an aim to encourage and educate Indians about nutrition intake in efforts so as to improve their lifestyle.

Nutrition is more than eating carbohydrates or popping supplements or drinking fancy designer beverages. It is also more than gluten free, fat free and sugar free. Today we live in a world of largely genetically modified products making a lot of people intolerant to many foods and deficient in so many nutrients. Having a balanced nutrition helps in strengthening the immunity system and reduces probabilities of diseases. By following such a practice, you can ensure a healthy youth and effectively a healthier population and country.

Types of Nutrients

Nutrients are of two types – micro and macro. Both these are equally important to the human body. Macro nutrients are made up of carbohydrates, fats and proteins – all the foods we eat fall under one of these. A balanced diet will have to have a ‘mix’ of these – because an excess or lack of any ends up being malnutrition. Micro nutrients on the other hand constitute vitamins and minerals. There are many types of these and each one plays a special role in our body’s growth and well-being. These are called micro as they are needed in smaller quantities than macro nutrients. Micro nutrients cannot be self produced by our body, so we must ensure we eat the correct foods to receive these nutrients.

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The fact that the Prime Minister is talking about such a simple daily life topic should make us think, especially with respect to people who have diabetes, why is having a balanced nutrition so important and what changes can we actually make in our daily lives? When we talk about a person who has diabetes, nutrition and physical activity play significant parts for a healthy lifestyle. Alongside different benefits, following a healthy and balanced nutritious plan and being physically active that can help you with maintaining your blood glucose level. To deal with your blood glucose, you have to balance what you eat and drink with physical action and diabetes medication, on the off chance that you take any.

What you decide to eat, the amount you eat, and when you eat is exceptionally significant in keeping your blood glucose level in the range that we, at BeatO recommend. Getting more physically active and making changes in what you to eat and drink can appear to be difficult at the very beginning. You can always begin with small changes and gradually bring about a major difference in your daily lifestyle. Eating a healthy and balanced nutritious meal and being physically active can help you maintain your blood glucose level, blood pressure, and cholesterol and help you lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Nutrition has been a very commonly discussed topic of health and balanced diet. However, it is extremely important recognize the necessity of this concept. It cannot be ignored for our adolescent and teen population, who makes up majority of the students of the country, as good nutrition will contribute to their maximum growth to the best of their potential. Let’s get inspired by Prime Minister, Modi’s talk and ensure we not only plan and restrict our efforts to the ‘Nutrition month’ well but also make it part of our lives to improve the living standards in our country altogether. A small effort to make a change will have an infinite cascading impact on the country’s overall population. Let’s make it a fast reading concept.

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