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Your caffeine alternative: Karela Juice

We all are addicted to some kind of beverage in the morning. A majority of people prefer to have a cup of coffee to start their day. And then these increases to multiple cups in a day.

Excessive consumption on caffeinated beverages is extremely harmful for our body.

  • It increases heart beat : This starts to happen 15 minutes post the intake, that is why on a slow day caffeine gives you a sudden wake up rush. It makes your heart palpitate.
  •  It makes you restless: Caffeine is known to stimulate hormones, sending your body into tremors.
  • Gastrointestinal Disturbance: Caffeine is a laxative and when consumed in higher quantity can cause food to move into the intestines leading to stomach cramps.
  • Can cause headache: Caffeine causes the receptors in the brain to go on overdrive leading to headache.

What can you do to change this?

Limiting the intake of such drinks is the best option. But this becomes a task during the day. What can be done is to swap your day beverage with Karela Juice. Morning caffeine is irreplaceable for many. But one can definitely switch to some good karela juice during the day.

 Yes, you heard that right!

How will it help:

  1. Clears the system: Karela juice will help flush out toxic remains of food from the system.
  2. Aids weight loss: It aids in rapid metabolism of carbs which in turn leads to weight loss.
  3. Curbs appetite: We all tend to binge eat on random snacks when working. Replacing it with karela juice is a healthier alternative.It will keep you full longer.
  4. Good for hair and skin: Apart from all this, it also helps prevent premature greying and helps keep pimple & acne at bay.

Also it is always recommended to carry a glucometer. A glucometer is a handy device that lets you monitor your blood glucose levels. You can keep a track of your sugar levels and also quickly take action when it fluctuates from your normal sugar level.


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