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Exercise with pet help you to control blood sugar & manage diabetes

Exercise with pet help you to control blood sugar & manage diabetes

It’s a universal truth that pet owners are comparatively happier and healthier and those furry friends selflessly contribute towards making it even better. It is their unconditional love and companionship that makes pets the ultimate healers as they hold the key to your health management.

It’s been observed that pet owners suffering from any ailment improved their health greatly after getting engaged with their furry friends. There are multiple ways in which your pet helps with this process of healing of diseases. Diabetes: a chronic lifelong disease can be conveniently managed with the help of pets.

Do you want to know how? Let’s just consider few basics to be followed by a diabetic person like, maintain a healthy state of mind and do exercise regularly which can definitely be done with having a lovable companion by their side.


  • Regular Exercise: Pets, especially dogs have their own great way to keep your exercise regime regular. A diabetic person can have great physical health advantage from owning a dog as there will be a need to take their dog(s) on morning and evening walks, running and even playing fetch with them. This will definitely fulfill the requirement of exercising and marks a good workout too as each walk would be at least half hour long.Apart from this, having a pet(s) also gives you a day to day routine schedule which helps in staying active throughout the day hence helping in having  better metabolism which is essential for a diabetic patient. Pet(s) additionally improve the emotional stability of not only the patient but everybody around. There are various exercises for a diabetes person, always follow your routine for your exercises.


  • Healthy Mind: There is only one thing the pets ask for and that is love, the more you give, the more you get. Pets are extremely loyal to their owners and understand them like no one else, they can sense sorrow/sadness very easily and even helps to overcome it with their love and affection, this eventually keeps the mind at peace; which is extremely important for a diabetic person to overcome this challenging journey.Apart from this owning a dog can be really perky at times as they are always there when you need to snuggle or hug someone, they keep the mood uplifted and reduce anxiety.


  • Sense Rise and Fall of Blood Sugar: Yes! You heard it right. Dogs can sense rise or fall in blood sugar level of their owner, especially in case of Type 1 diabetes due to release of chemical called isoprene that dogs can sense. Therefore, dogs can be a great way to detect this and react to it on time. Some people even train their dogs to alert/notify them when this happens. Amazing! Isn’t it?Certainly, having a pet is a great way to deal with any disease; they give you endless love and care, they fulfill your life with joy and happiness, their great way to sense can even save you from the alarming situations and make rest of the life easier and simpler to live. However, there is a stark difference between low blood sugar levels and panic attacks.

Having pets is of course a bonus for diabetics and along with this if one pledges to regularly monitor blood glucose levels using the smartphone glucometer , diabetes becomes a smooth ride for them. Eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle is the second key to unlock healthy and happy life with diabetes, the first being your cute friend – your pet.

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