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23 Celebrities Living With Diabetes: We Bet You Don’t Know Them

Celebrities Who Have Diabetes

Did you know that there are several celebrities living with diabetes in our country? SHOCKING !!! isn’t it? I mean, we all see them on our big screen playing those larger-than-life characters. However, in real life, they are all struggling with their own lives. I guess, unlike humans, illnesses and diseases don’t discriminate between people. It sees no colour, social or economic standing. Rich, poor, famous, or little known, the entire humankind is susceptible. Perhaps the same goes for diabetes, which can affect singers, actors, politicians, cricketers, successful individuals, and even children. In today’s topic, we’ll delve a little deeper into the lives of our favourite celebrities living with diabetes and coming out to the top every now and then.

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Shedding Light on Celebrity Diabetes

Although diabetes is just another illness, different people react to it differently. It becomes even more evident in celebrities who belong to a wide range of social and economic domains and subdomains. While some become an inspiration for others, there are others who, out of fear for their position or inherent sense of privacy, turn it into a medical secret. Mentioned below are some of the celebrities fighting different types of diabetes.

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A List of 23 Celebrities Living With Diabetes

SNNameProfessionDiabetes TypeWhen Diagonsed
1Akkineni NagarjunaActorType 2Age 50
2Amitabh BacchanActorType 2
3Anil KumbleCricketerType 2Age 40
4Dia MirzaActressType 2
5Fawad KhanActorType 1Age 17
6Gaurav KapoorComedianType 2Age 30
7Halley BerryActressType 2Age 19
8Hema MaliniActressType 2Age 60
9JayapradhaActressType 2Age 60
10Kamal HasanActorType 1
11Mithun ChakrabortyActorType 2Age 50
12Nick JonasSinger/ActorType 1Age 12-13
13Prakash RajActorType 2Age 50
14Pulkit SamratActorType 1Age 10
15Rana DaggubatiActorType 1
16Randy JacksonMusicianType 22003
17RekhaActressType 2
18Salma HayekActorGestational Diabetes
19Samantha Ruth PrabhuActressType 12013
20Sonam Kapoor AhujaActressType 1Age 17
21Sudha ChandraActress
22Tom HanksActorType 22013
23Wasim AkramCricketerType 1Age 30

5 Hollywood Celebrities Living With Diabetes

5 Hollywood Celebrities Living With Diabetes

Nick Jonas

Diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at the age of 12, Nick Jonas is on the celebrities living with diabates right now. Despite the young age, he didn’t let this slow him down. In an award show in 2017, he said at first, he thought that the disease would somehow stop him from pursuing his dream. Nonetheless, it didn’t, and since then, he’s been managing it through a series of actions such as a diabetic diet, working out regularly, and strictly adhering to his insulin needs. The singer goes on to say that the illness made him look at life with a different prism, and today he feels absolutely fine.

Halle Berry

Although Halle Berry was diagnosed in her last teen year (19) with type-2 diabetes, it seemed to turn out to be a boon in disguise for her. Earlier, when she was told that she had diabetes, she was dazed and surprised at the same time. In one of her interviews, she said that she thought she was going to die. It was like a wake-up call. She gave up sugar, processed foods, and bread and took up the challenge to counter the disease. Interestingly, she promotes and exploits the ketogenic diet. The award-winning actress and celeberity is living with diabetes without much complications.

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Tom Hanks

Hanks is perphas the most prominent one actor in our list of celebrities living with diabetes. The winner of two Oscars and four Golden Globe awards, this highly talented and popular actor from Hollywood suffers from type-2 diabetes. He revealed his medical status on a talk show in 2013. He strongly believes that types of diabetes are dangerous, and in his case, it could have made its way because of his frequent “weight gain” and “weight loss” regimes for various film roles. However, he also agrees that he is quite lazy when it comes to fitness. He told a news channel that he blamed parties and carelessness (in terms of food choices) as some of the other contributing factors.

Salma Hayek

Born in 1966 and the winner of the Golden Camera Award for Best International Actress (2003) for her role in Frida, Salma Hayek is of Hispanic origin. She was diagnosed with a rare type of diabetes that affects only pregnant women. This fine celebrity is living with diabetes everysince a strong advocate of diabetes was told about the illness when she was pregnant with her daughter Valentina. Incidentally, this type of high blood sugar level syndrome is also known as gestational diabetes.

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Larry King

An American television star and radio host, Larry is yet another example of bravery and great fighting. Since the time (1995) he was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, King has maintained a healthy lifestyle and also took exercise and diet very seriously. In fact, in one of the interviews with LV Times in 2015, he said that he followed his doctor’s advice to the last period and took his vitamins and insulin on time. With more than 50,000 interviews, he also received 2 Peabodys and Emmy Awards. Larry died in New York on January 23, 2021.

Winding up – Inspiring Stories

Diabetes diagnosis stories and inspirations pop up every so often on social media, television shows, and talk shows (TV / Radio). Some of these truly amazing people literally expose their diabetic condition. Lila Moss, Kate Moss’s daughter, is a perfect example. In one of the recent shows (swimsuit), she wore an insulin pump around her thigh. It not only sends out a positive message but also decimates the taboo associated with this illness.

After diagnosis, many celebrities living with diabetes and even ordinary people who became popular figures chose a different path to inspire people. For example, many diabetic warriors have set up an NGO or diabetes support groups or offer a free diabetic diet/plan to help and inspire others. Nick Jonas is a perfect example, having created a “Beyond Type 1” non-profit organization.

Disclaimer:The content of this article is compiled information from generic and public sources. It is in no way a substitute, suggestion, or advice for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. BeatoApp does not claim responsibility for this information

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