Understanding The Factors That Can Lead To Diabetes Remission
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What is Diabetes Remission? And what makes a candidate ideal for it?

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What Is Diabetes Remission?

Diabetes remission refers to a state in type 2 diabetes where a person experiences a significant improvement, which means being able to keep your HbA1C below 6.5% without medication. Through lifestyle changes like weight loss, dietary adjustments, and increased physical activity, blood sugar levels normalise, reducing or eliminating the need for diabetes medications. It’s important to note that remission doesn’t mean a cure, as maintaining these lifestyle changes is crucial to sustaining the improvement.

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Managing diabetes requires a holistic and personalised approach that takes into account various crucial factors impacting blood sugar control and overall well-being. If you have diabetes and you want to know whether you can bring diabetes into remission, you can take the help of an acronym which is ABCDEF.

Understanding the ABCDEF of Diabetes Remission:

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(A) Age: If you’re younger in age, the chances of remission are more.

(B) Bodyweight: If you’re obese or overweight and your BMI (Body Mass Index) is high, then the chances of remission are more.

(C) C-Peptide: If your C-peptide is normal, then the chances of diabetes remission are more.

(D) Duration Of Diabetes: If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, then chances of remission are more in comparison to someone who has had diabetes for a long period of time.

(E) Empathy, Energy & Enthusiasm: If you have a high energy level and enthusiasm to bring your diabetes into remission, then you can easily do it.

(F) Family & Financial Support: To deal with any kind of illness, having a supportive family and financial support is important.

Diabetes remission offers the potential for better glucose control and reduced complications, but achieving it varies depending on individual factors and the duration and severity of diabetes. Regular monitoring and medical guidance are essential for successful remission.

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