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Are dry fruits good for diabetics?

Dehydrated fruits or dry fruits are known for their wholesome value, long shelf life, and great taste. Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, and dietary fibres, dry fruits make for a delicious and healthy snack. Studies suggest that nuts may even decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. Almost all dry fruits offer something good for people with diabetes as it has a low to medium glycemic index. It is preferable to have a handful of nuts every day to stay healthy. 

Consuming all kinds of nuts might not be a good idea for you if you have diabetes. It is important to eat mindfully so that your blood sugar levels remain in control.
Nuts are high in calories. Although they are not typically associated with weight gain but if you overeat them, there is a risk of weight gain.It’s important to know how nuts are prepared. It can influence how healthy they are. Avoid nuts that are coated with salt as sodium is bad for your blood pressure and diabetes. Instead, try roasted or raw nuts, which are both flavourful and healthy.


    Walnuts help promote feelings of fullness, preventing unhealthy food cravings and potentially aiding weight loss. Moreover, fibre, protein, and good fats help manage hunger and blood sugars. Walnuts are also a good source of alpha-lipoic acid, which may help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is connected to diabetes, and other conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.
    Almonds help in controlling glucose levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease for people with type 2 diabetes. One more reason why almonds are advantageous for people with diabetes is because it is rich in magnesium. Upping your magnesium intake can help promote normal blood pressure, blood glucose control, and good muscle and nerve function.
    Pistachios’ high content of fibre, protein, and good fats help you keep fuller longer, making them a smarter bet than carbohydrate-heavy snacks. A small study suggests improved blood sugar in people with diabetes who eat pistachios as a snack. It also helps in lowering cholesterol. You can enjoy them as a standalone snack or build them into your meals.
    Peanuts are a diabetes-friendly snack, thanks to their high fibre and protein content. Not only do they have a low glycemic load, but they may help regulate blood sugar. Try adding low-sodium peanut butter to your breakfast, or toss a handful of peanuts into your salad.


  • Homemade Energy Bars
    Energy bars are a high source of proteins that help with your hunger pangs. While readymade energy bars available in the market have added sugars that are not healthy for people with diabetes, the ones made at home can be made using natural ingredients mixed with dry fruits.
  • Salad dressings and Desserts
    Dry fruits are naturally sweet and usually do not require any additional sugar content. This is one of the main reasons they make an excellent choice for diabetes as desserts or dressing over salads.

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