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BeatO Wishes You a Very Happy New Year

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Dear BeatO Family,

As we step into the New Year, we do so with renewed hope of celebrating a safe, healthy & happy 2022. This hope stays alive thanks to all of you who have taken on every challenge and emerged ‘Unbeatable’. We are proud to share that BeatO has completed 1 Million App Downloads and we continue to grow together.

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Real People, Real Stories!

Each and every one of you inspired us and we took your success stories across India to motivate millions of others withBeatO’s Unbeatables.

BeatO unbeatables

BeatO Members Won in 2021!

You worked hard and achieved great and positive health results. Let’s keep the trend going in 2022 as well.

  • BeatO members managed to control their sugar levels very well with an average HbA1c of 6.8% vs 8.5% for the rest of India.^
  • Our members who had high sugar levels reduced their HbA1c by 1.9%p in just 3 months.**
    BeatO members reduced their hypoglycemia incidents by 52% after just one session with our BeatO Health Coaches.***
  • BeatO carried out over 100,000 sessions by our expert Health Coaches. This helped in the reduction of sugar levels by 20% on average for members who previously had high sugar levels.**
  • As a result of the coaching and improved sugar control, BeatO members also experienced an improvement in related health conditions. 32% reported reduced stress levels. 31% experienced improved cholesterol levels and many saw improvement in blood pressure, energy levels and pain reduction, amongst others.*

BeatO’s Best Features – Voted by You!

Best Service

66% voted Diet plans and Nutrition advice from BeatO Health Coaches as the most impactful and important service.

Best App Feature

65% voted easy monitoring as the best app feature as it also allowed them to save readings and receive monitoring reminders.

Looking Ahead

We aim to bring a more engaging experience to help you stay healthy.

A Personalized Reversal Care Program

We will soon be launching a scientific and safe approach for your Type 2 Diabetes & Pre-diabetes reversal journey under the guidance of experts. Take the 2-week trial program and see the change.


Exclusive Yoga Workshops

A specialised Yoga Workshop for diabetes control will be available to members on the app to keep your fitness and stress levels in check.

food channel

A Diabetes Food Channel

To delight your taste buds, we are launching a Diabetes Food Channel soon! Watch out for updates on our Facebook page.

All of us at BeatO wish you a Happy 2022!
Stay Safe – Mask up and Monitor Regularly

Warm Regards,
Gautam Chopra, Yash Sehgal and Kunal Kinalekar

^ Based on anonymized retrospective data study of BeatO users, December 2021
* Internal survey study conducted by BeatO for 759 patients in, Jun 2021
** Internal study conducted by BeatO for 1808 patients with HbA1c value above 8%, July 2020- March 2021
*** BeatO Study as published in ATTD ( Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes)

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Shahana Khatoon

Shahana Khatoon

Shahana is a Senior Content Writer at BeatO and talks about Health. She's one of those women who feels too much and hence try to express all of it through her writings.

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