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Devender G.-“My HbA1c came down from 10.6% to 7.7% with the BeatO”

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Devender is 57 years old and he hails from the capital city – New Delhi. He is an entrepreneur and owns a general store in Paharganj, amidst the hustle bustle of city life. He finds his job quite stressful, and he believes that the stress from his work contributed to him developing Type 2 Diabetes. His responsibilities along with the relentless pace of city life have taken on his health.

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Corona ke dauraan mujhe BP aur diabetes dono ki wajah se mujhe kafi takleef hui. Pairo me takleef bhi mujhe ussi time hui. It was a daunting task to manage both the conditions in the middle of a pandemic situation.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment

I have had diabetes for the past 15 years and the news of my diagnosis had come as a shock to my family kyunki main bilkul meetha nai khata tha. The news affected all of us, and since then, we started working together to manage and understand the impact of diabetes in our daily lives.

Mere pairo ke panje sunn hone lage the aur unme jhanjhanahat rehti thi. Mujhe aise lagta tha ki main jaise cotton ke upar chal raha tha. Pyaas zyada lagti thi aur thakawat kafi rehti thi. That is when I decided to get myself tested and I found out that I have Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes hone ke baad apko apna dhyan zyada rakhna padta hai. Following my diagnosis, I consulted with my local doctor who provided a treatment plan. At the outset, my sugar levels had soared to 500 mg/dL, and the doctor has given me a prescription of medications to manage my sugar levels.

How I Learnt About BeatO

In my quest to manage my sugar levels, I discovered BeatO through a Facebook Ad. Their comprehensive diabetes care program caught my attention as it seemed to offer an all-encompassing solution. Mujhe rates bhi sai laga aur aisa laga ki yahan mera ilaaj asani se ho jayega. I joined the BeatO Diabetes Care Program on 17 November 2022.

My Journey Towards Better Health

After joining the Care Program, he was asked to make easy changes to his diet and lifestyle. Elaborating on his experience with the program, he says, “Mujhe meri health coach Swapnil ka kafi support mila hai aur unhone mujhe roz 6000 steps chalne ka bola. Whatsapp par mujhe roz ek naya nuskha aata hai diabetes control karne ke liye. BeatO se mujhe walking aur diet control karne ke liye regular reminder aate rehte hai.”

He takes full advantage of the available doctor consultations on the BeatO App, finding quick and satisfactory answers to all his inquiries.

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

Ab main asaani se roz 4-5 km chal lete hu. Meri BP ki medicine band ho gayi hai aur mere cholesterol levels me bhi kafi farak aaya hai.

Fasting Reading140 mg/dL100 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading300 mg/dL142 mg/dL

Mujhe BeatO ka Curv glucometer sabse zyada pasand hai. Isse main har jagah apne sath le jata hu. With newfound discipline, I’ve embraced regular sugar testing, empowering me to take charge of my health like never before. I cannot express enough gratitude for the life-changing experience that I have had with the BeatO Diabetes Care Program.

Disclaimer:The content of this article is compiled information from generic and public sources. It is in no way a substitute, suggestion, or advice for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. BeatoApp does not claim responsibility for this information .

Dr. Navneet Agarwal is an established and highly skilled Diabetology with over 25 years of experience in Diabetology & Obesity. He is well-regarded for his quality and patient-centered diabetes care. Also, keep track of your blood sugar levels with a Doctors’ approved smart glucometer and elevate your healthcare routine.

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  1. I am type 1 Diabetes Patients and I have taken the BetaO’s Health Program’s Since first time taken 6 Months and Renewed for 1 years again my BeatO Health Coach is Anamika Kashyap she has Cared me and She makes Regular Check up’s in the time of Frequency’s I am taking Insulin in three Times a day was getting frequent low blood sugar levels after taking the BeatO’s Health Program’s was amazing and now I am not getting frequent low blood sugar levels get’s I am Happy with BeatO’s Health Program’s I recommend my friends and relatives who is suffering from Diabetes.

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