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Diabetes Life Hacks to Simplify Your Daily Diabetes Management

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diabetes life hacks

In our busy lives, managing diabetes can be an overwhelming feeling. The constant monitoring, the continuous care of not eating too much sugar or carbs, and the fear of the condition turning into something chronic. However, it is essential to understand that diabetes management is nothing but sticking to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, people who adhere to better lifestyle habits and have taken control of their medication have been proven to have a better diabetic condition than others. For easy control of your condition, we have curated diabetes life hacks that can make daily diabetes management a breeze. So, let’s begin!

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diabetes life hacks

1. Carry a Bag Full of Diabetes Supplies

Wherever you go, it is important to carry a bag full of diabetes supplies such as syringes, insulin, and alcohol swabs, all together. Moreover, one must also make sure the bag is handy and can be taken out wherever and whenever required. For instance, via air travel, do not keep your diabetes supplies in your check-in baggage; rather, in your cabin baggage.


2. Use Protective Pouches for Your Insulin

Your insulin is very crucial for your body, especially when you have diabetes as it helps in managing the sugar levels. However, when taking external insulin, the key is to keep the insulin cool. Insulin is a type of protein that is dissolved in water and just like any other protein; it can spoil too and not work efficiently. Try using a protective pouch with a cold gel pack that can keep the insulin cold. Moreover, cooling wallets can also help in making insulin, pumps, and pens to stay cooler or at acceptable temperatures for up to 48 hours.

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3. Make Better Use of Your Phone

Nowadays, everything can be managed by that smartphone you carry. From bank accounts to monitor your heartbeat, everything! Then why not diabetes? Use an app on your phone that will remind you of the times when you have to monitor sugar levels, eat food, and provide relevant information. The BeatO App does the same seamlessly.

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4. Look at Expiration Dates

While getting a new box of diabetes supplies or medication, check the expiration date. When you store it with other supplies, make sure you keep the ones that are closest to the expiration date at the front of your desk, shelf, or drawer. This will enable you to use them before they get expired.

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5. Stay Hydrated

Water is the most essential element of your body. Not having enough water in the body or simply being dehydrated can cause a concentration of sugar in the blood, and therefore increase the sugar levels in the body. Moreover, dehydration can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HHS). Generally, it is advisable to have 2-3 litres of water a day unless instructed otherwise. Please note this can differ as per the time of the year, activity, and preference.

First Aid

6. Keep a Small First-aid Box Handy

Carry your first-aid box in case of emergencies. You can require it wherever you go. Make sure you keep band-aids, ointments, and antiseptic creams in hand for small injuries where you would not be required to rush to a hospital or clinic on an immediate basis.

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7. Keep Protein Bars or Snacks for Travel During Work

The key to diabetes management is to eat in moderation and in small quantities. Therefore, it is important to keep protein bars or small snacks handy which will not allow your sugar levels to go too high or low. In fact, keep something sugar also, which can be consumed during a case of hypoglycemia.

Make Small Changes in and Around You to Help in Diabetes Management

Sometimes, turning your place into a diabetes-friendly zone also helps you in easy diabetes management. This can be easier by making small tweaks around the house. If we go room-by-room, here is a guide that can help you in managing blood sugar:

Since it is the place where you sleep, and all of us know insufficient sleep can cause ghrelin and reduce the levels of leptin, one must make sure the bedroom is cosy and nice. Therefore, to ensure more shut-eye, you can decorate your room in calming colours such as blue and stay away from electronics right before you sleep to avoid the bright lights.

The bathroom is a hard-to-miss spot that can help you in reminding things. You can keep your workout clothes and yoga mat the night before in your bathroom to remind yourself the next day.

Diabetes is all about making the right food choices. And where else in the entire house can you make changes but the kitchen? Keep healthy items such as fruits and vegetables at eye level. Moreover, if you crave for something sweet, create a cheat sheet that includes your cravings and diabetes-friendly foods.

Home office
Do not keep your lunch or snacks on your desk. Instead, keep it in the pantry to ensure you take small breaks. Moreover, munching while checking emails can result in overreacting.

Diabetes management is an ongoing process. These hacks will help you manage your sugar levels without feeling overwhelmed. Remember that you should monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis if you want to manage your diabetes in the best possible manner. Consume the right food and have a regular workout regime to keep your sugar levels under control.

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