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Diabetic Socks | Happy Feet in Summers for Diabetics

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diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are needed for people suffering from diabetes. A diabetic person’s feet tend to get extremely dry and are more prone to cuts and wounds and accumulation of infection due to their condition. Many at times, diabetic people are not even aware of their injury due to nerve damage and decrease in sensation.

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Why Do Diabetics Need to Wear Special Socks?

A diabetic sock is specially designed to help with the following:

  • Reduce the pressure on the lower leg and foot.
  • Minimize the accumulation of moisture.
  • Prevent occurrence of blisters

It is designed in a non elastic comforting style to prevent the constriction caused due to feet swelling.

High blood sugarleads to slowing down of the immune system thus causing decreased circulation. In this condition it becomes harder for the wounds of a diabetic person to heal. Diabetic socks are one of the ways to combat this condition and avoid future complications.

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Diabetic Socks for the Summer Season

Diabetic Socks for the Summer Season

During summers our feet also tend to swell and is most common for diabetic people who stand for long hours. The diabetic socks in summers will help prevent sunburn or burns on the soles due to rising heat temperatures.

A lot of us love choosing a flip flop or open sandal as the heat rises as open footwear keeps the feet ventilated. But this would not be an ideal choice for a diabetic person as it can increase the possibility of feet cracking and expose the feet to fungal infections. Diabetic people are prone to get fungus-filled yellow nails during the summers. Therefore it is important to team it up with diabetic socks. They will not only protect your feet but also let you wear the footwear you love.

Diabetic socks alone won’t help your feet worry. You also need to ensure foot hygiene.

Wash your feet regularly, cut/ trim nails often, look for any wounds or cuts and if you do notice any injury head to a doctor at the earliest.

Talk to your health coach or doctor for all diabetes-related advice. Make sure that you follow all the recommendations given by your health coach and keep monitoring your sugar levels regularly. Optimize your diet and lifestyle according to your sugar level and ensure the best possible diabetes management.

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