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Effects of Tobacco on Diabetes

Tobacco in general is known to cause an array of bad effects on our health. It can be a trigger to various diseases and in some cases worsen the situation to almost death.

Tobacco is known to be a threat to Cancer, Respiratory Diseases, Psychological Disorders and in some be a reason for threat to cardiovascular disease due to diabetes.

Tobacco is known to immediately surge blood sugar after consumption. Even though this surge is temporary it is capable of damaging the artery walls.But for diabetics even a temporary surge can be life threatening.

Passive smoking can cause increase of risk of heart ailments. Diabetics are already at a threat of a heart disease and smoking compromises the situation even more.

Insulin which is known to regulate blood sugar can also be affected by tobacco. Tobacco may cause insulin resistance leading to high levels of sugar in blood. In extreme cases it can lead to heart & kidney damage and damage to blood vessels as well.

Tobacco consumption especially smoking can cause irritation in the airways causing swelling or lining of the passage with mucous.

It also causes gum infection, which is associated with Diabetes as well.

A few studies suggest that smokers are at a 30-40% higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes than non smokers.

If you are diabetic and a smoker, controlling diabetes and its symptoms can become extremely challenging for you.

Major issues of smoking as a diabetic:

  1. Heart and kidney issues
  2. Poor blood flow in legs which can lead to ulcers
  3. Aggravate condition of diabetic retinopathy
  4. Peripheral Neuropathy – damage to the nerves around the legs or arms causing numbness or pain or discomfort, also in some cases leading to poor coordination)

How to prevent this?

Try to quit consumption of tobacco in any form.

If this is difficult then try talking to your health care personnel about it and look for medication and therapy which can help you overcome the craving.

Apart from this, try losing weight. Stay active by indulging in some kind of physical activity as it can help you delay the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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