Obesity and Diabetes in Kids: All You Need to Know
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Obesity and Diabetes in Kids: All You Need to Know

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obesity and diabetes

Recent advancements in diabetes management show that diabetes has penetrated the younger age-group too. Diabetes has increasingly become common among children. In this blog, find the link between obesity and diabetes and how to prevent your kids!

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The two types of diabetes prevalent among children can be better understood as follows:

Type 1 Diabetes

Also known as juvenile diabetes, type 1 diabetes is usually associated with sudden weight loss, extreme thirst, and frequent urination. It is treated with insulin shots and is common among thin or normal-weight people.

Type 2 Diabetes

Associated with overweight children, this type of diabetes starts slowly and does not show any specific symptoms. While some children showcase good control with a healthy diet and exercise, others have to take diabetes pills or insulin.

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A recent research in diabetes management suggests that obesity among children is a major cause of type 2 diabetes as compared to children with normal BMI. Hence, to control diabetes, it is wise to invest in the health of children during their growing years and encourage them to follow a healthy diet. Also, diabetes type 2 blood sugar levels must be checked at regular intervals.

Obesity and Diabetes: Weight Management Tips

Healthy Eating Habits

Management of diabetes requires parents to sometimes go to great extent in trying to convince their children to not consume junk food. Or not spending large amounts of time indoors. Yet, children often end up having their way. The following tips will make it easier to understand:

  • Instead of putting your children on weight reduction guide, monitor their calorie intake and encourage them for more fruits and veggies.
  • Experiment with new ways of making healthy eating visually appealing so that children instantly accept it.
  • Provide plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products.
  • Include low-fat or non-fat milk or dairy products.

obesity and diabetes

  • Choose lean meats, poultry, fish, lentils, and beans for protein.
  • Serve in reasonably-sized portions.
  • Encourage your family to drink lots of water.
  • Limit sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • Limit consumption of sugar and saturated fat.

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Fitness Habits

It is best to minimise the sedentary time of children and encourage them to step out and engage in physical activities or exercise for diabetes type 2. Some common examples of daily physical workouts include:

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  • Brisk walking
  • Playing tag
  • Jumping rope
  • Playing soccer
  • Swimming
  • Dancing

How to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

Following the above-mentioned weight management tips will help kids to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, which will directly protect them from acquiring diabetes and further help them in diabetes management. It is important to keep a regular check on blood glucose levels using a smartphone glucometer. As part of diabetes management, the readings taken using the glucometer are synced to the diabetes management app.

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