Post-Diwali Detox: Tips That You Can Follow Easily At Home
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Post-Diwali Detox: Tips That You Can Follow Easily At Home

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October comes with festive treats and get-togethers, and if you are an Indian, you know what it means to celebrate Dussehra or Diwali. From delicious food to mouthwatering sweets, getting away with age-old traditions is difficult. Have you gone off track this festive season and ruined your diet routine? Read this blog to know how you can easily do a post-Diwali detox.

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Post-Diwali Detox Tips

post diwali detox exercise

Get Back to Your Excercise Routine

Excessive eating and inactivity can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Hence, get back to your walking/swimming/yoga/cycling/workout schedule. The American Diabetes Association suggests getting 150 minutes per week of physical activity.

If gymming is not your thing, you can start with walking.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is crucial for everyone. However, if you have diabetes or any other chronic condition, consuming a good amount of water daily becomes more important. Water not only hydrates you but also helps in flushing out the toxic elements from your body.

It will also help you feel full and avoid random snack cravings.

Don’t Stress About What Happened

Although mindful eating is the first pillar of serious diabetes management, it’s okay if you have gone off track and indulged in heavy calorie intake during the festive season. Sitting and stressing over your previous food intake is not going to help you in any way. Stress can raise your blood sugar. Hence, instead of stressing out, take it easy and try to keep yourself calm.

Discuss With Your Health Coach and Dietitian

Your health coach can help you in bringing down your blood glucose levels. Hiding what you eat will not protect you from the consequences. Hence, it’s better to discuss and inform them about everything, so that your health coach and dietitian can come up with an effective diet plan.

know how you can easily do a post-Diwali detox

Fasting can add to the stress that your body is already under as you retrain it to stop craving sugar. Furthermore, skipping meals causes a drop in blood sugar, which can increase cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.

Focus on whole foods, protein, and anti-inflammatory fats while on a sugar detox diet, and drink plenty of fluids.

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Author – Shahana Khatoon

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