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Seeing the Positives in Diabetes – What You Should Love

While it is no hidden truth that diabetes can often turn into a downer and seem overwhelming at times, but living with this lifestyle disorder depends on which side you focus on – the negative and complicated one or the positive and encouraging one.

Well, yes. Diabetes can be the source of inspiration for the one diagnosed with it and also for their loved ones. Not only does it allow you look at your own health from a totally different perspective, but also gives insights into how lack of awareness is the sole reason why society considers diabetes as a taboo.

Let us take a look at what welcome change can diabetes bring in a patient’s life.

  • You are always required to be energetic as blood sugar level balance depends how well you manage your diet and lifestyle. When you are energetic you become more productive in everything you put your hands on.
  • You now have a medical reason to enjoy cheese. Being low-carb and of course delicious, you won’t have to worry about your blood glucose spikes if you eat it in moderation.
  • You become consciously aware about possible complications related to health that other people may be going through. You become wiser and empathetic.
  • You become a walking health encyclopedia! Right from counting the nutritional values of foods, reading food labels to watching every single bite that you take, diabetes helps you expand your knowledge about human body and importance of diet.
  • Some diabetics also begin to look for alternative career choices like a startup etc., with so much information and knowledge at their disposal and seeing the social ignorance towards diabetes care and management.
  • Having diabetes can help you stay stress free all the time. Since stress directly impacts your blood sugar balance, you are bound to make efforts to remain joyful and stress-free.
  • Once you learn to manage your blood sugar levels, you feel comfortable all the time and even without making any extra effort, your glucose levels remain within normal ranges.
  • Your self-confidence increases as diabetes management is a daily battle and diabetic patient who is able to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout life validates their own worth and self-confidence.
  • Helps the family and loved ones bond even stronger. When you single-handedly begin to manage your diabetes, your family members remain worry-free and proudly tell others about your expertise at diabetes care.
  • Your overall health improves, and you are able to leave the old habits and develop new and healthier habits. This inspires others around you and before you know, you become a healthcare advisor for diabetics.
  • You develop friendships and connections with people who are also on the same journey. This adds to your self-motivation of living with diabetes and you learn newer ways to manage the disease and stay healthy.
  • In case of a kid diagnosed with diabetes, they become self-reliant in major areas of their life and act as a huge role model for their friends and teachers too.
  • Becoming a near doctor yourself and then going to a doctor and making them feel awkward about the whole treatment because you tend to know anything and everything about diabetes.
  • It will help you exercise regularly without fail with no extra effort to plan or follow your workout regime. You know the repercussions of not working out on any given day and hence motivation and all those ways of making yourself want to exercise are no longer needed.
  • You are excused into eating food of your choice occasionally without having to sound convincing if you are managing your diabetes well.
  • Diabetes makes you proactive towards every task assigned and before one knows you get it done. You begin to develop a larger perspective about life and that manifests in work done with added quality.
  • You become a pro at monitoring blood sugars using a compact glucometer.
Guest Writer: Aishani Gupta

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