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Six types of friends that we all have

“Things are never scary when you’ve got the right friends by your side.”

Your friends are always there with you- through happy times, sad times and especially in all your crazy times. They add joy and meaning to your lives like no one else does. 

We have all sorts of friends in our life. Some make you laugh, some guide you through life, and some make every moment an exciting one. Here are the type of friends that make your life special everyday- 

The ‘Happy Go Lucky Friend’
He is the Tom to your Jerry. He always keeps you in a pleasant mood with his unmatched sense of humour and can make you smile at the drop of a hat.
The BeatO notifications inform you about the various offers running on the App and keep you in a cheerful mood. 

The ‘No Filter’ Friend
This friend is the Chacha Chaudhary figure for you and gives you the right advice every time. He tells you things that you might not want to but need to hear.
The BeatO smartphone glucometer gives you accurate and quick results with your sugar reading and helps you make the required changes.

The ‘Always Has Your Back’ Friend
He is the Vikraal to your Gabraal. This is the first person you call during your tough times. They not only provide you comfort but also give you the assurance that everything is going to be alright.
BeatO health coaches are available round the clock to help you out. They give you the right advice and give you tips to improve your sugar levels. 

The ‘Smart’ Friend
They have unparalleled knowledge about things and always make sure that you receive the right guidance. Just like Hatim does to Hobo, this friend always gives you the right advice.
Doctor consultations are part of your BeatO subscription packs. Get all the information you need about diabetes and more and make the most of your Diabetes Total Plan. 

The ‘Wise’ Friend
Just like the magic pencil to Sanju, this friend is a boon for you. He makes sure that you always do the right thing and are concerned for you like no other friend is.
BeatO provides diabetes friendly products and other wellness products in the Shop Section. You can easily get good health delivered at your doorstep. 

The ‘Always Available’ Friend
Just like Baloo to Mowgli, he is always there for you. Whether it’s 3 PM or 3 AM, this friend always shows up first.
The BeatO ChatBot solves all your diabetes related queries. It discusses in detail the recent changes in your lifestyle that might have led to fluctuations in your sugar levels. 

BeatO is the perfect friend. It is there with you throughout your diabetic journey and makes sure that your whole experience is a delightful one. Keep monitoring your sugar levels on a regular basis and make sure that you use all the features available on the App. 

This one’s on us! Use the code ‘DOSTI’ for a free Glucometer. Happy Friendship Day!

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