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What should you know about insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a common medical condition which leads to diabetes in people eventually. Insulin is the hormone produced by the beta cells of pancreas called Islets of Langerhan. They facilitate the decomposition and absorption of glucose in human body. When your cells exhibit resistance to insulin, they become indifferent to normal doses of the hormone. This creates imbalance in …

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Glucose Levels V/S Insulin Levels: Everything You Need to Know

Human body is a combination of complex functioning of various organ systems working together to help us lead a healthy life. Glucose is an extremely important component of the body which is derived from sugar in the food we consume. Foods high in sugar like pasta, grains, cakes, starchy vegetables and pastry act as instant sugar sources which get absorbed …

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Gestational Diabetes – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pregnant women who have never had diabetes but experience high blood sugar levels during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes. High blood sugar from the mother causes high blood sugar in the baby. If left untreated it can cause problems in the baby. Proactive diabetes care and diabetes management is essential in order to ensure the harmful effects of …

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Handling an Insulin Overdose – A How To Guide for Diabetics

Insulin is commonly known as an essential part of diabetes management and maintaining normal blood sugar levels. But not many of us know about the role insulin plays inside our body with respect to managing your blood sugar levels. Role of Insulin in Diabetes • Insulin regulates sugar levels in your bloodstream and helps maintain them within the normal range. …

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Jaggery, Honey, and Artificial Sweeteners – Can they form a part of your Diabetic Diet?

Consistently keeping sugar levels under control is a challenge that all diabetics face day in and day out. The diabetic food must be carefully planned in order to ensure optimum nutrition and limited sugar intake. Healthy substitutes to sugar consumption are often considered an easier option but not many of us are aware of their impact on glucose level in …

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