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Anita J.- “With BeatO, the tingling sensation in my legs has stopped.”

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Anita Jain
54 years old, Housewife
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Anita is a 54 year old housewife who lives in Gurugram, Haryana with her family.

She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2019.

“ In 2019, I developed a stomach infection. My doctor had recommended that I get tested for diabetes too. That is when I found out that I have Type 2 Diabetes.
I have thyroid too and that is why I got scared when I got diagnosed with this chronic condition.”

She felt really scared and thought that immediate action was required to rectify her situation. She immediately consulted her doctor and prescribed some medicines. He recommended that daily monitoring was required by her to bring her sugar levels in the controlled range.

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“Main meetha khana bilkul band kar diya aur apne doctor ko consult kara.”

My son-in-law suggested that I start monitoring my sugar levels with the BeatO App.
He got me a glucometer. Now my son and daughter both help me in daily monitoring.
BeatO offers everything – health coach support, doctor consultation and diabetes-friendly products.”

She says that her health coach Sujata Sharma played a crucial role in improving her diabetic condition. She gets guidance on which foods she should eat and which ones she should avoid. She only eats home cooked foods to get the proper nutrition. This has made her life much simpler.

Her sugar reading has come down from 396 mg/dL to 124 mg/dL. The tingling sensation in her legs has stopped and she can now sleep peacefully at night. She feels more energetic and stress-free now.

“Main regularly apni health coach se baat karti hun. Jab meri reading high ya low hoti hai, mujhe turant BeatO se call aa jata hai.”

“I have become extra careful regarding my diet. My health coach, Sujata, even tells me about the fruits that could possibly increase my sugar levels. I try to avoid those.”

She says that BeatO’s live sessions have been really helpful. She gets accurate guidance regarding her diabetic condition. She attends Dr. Mudit’s sessions quite regularly.

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“Main ab bahut relaxed mahsoos karti hun.”

She describes BeatO as an easy tool. It helps her in managing her sugar levels, wherever she goes. It gives her quick and accurate results and she does not feel like sugar monitoring is a difficult task. Everyone in her family helps her in ensuring the proper diet and lifestyle required to manage diabetes.

Mrs. Anita loves to spend time with her family and likes to cook for them. She is a heartwarming example of how she does not let diabetes hamper her everyday life. She continues to live with unfettered optimism. She shows how diabetes can be managed at any age, if one has the right grit and determination.

BeatO continues helping more people like Mrs Anita Jain to live a stress-free life by managing their diabetes in the best possible manner.

Download the BeatO App if you wish to improve your diabetic condition, just like Mrs Anita Jain!

Throw out your non-verified glucometer and try the BeatO clinically approved smart glucometer kit. Check your blood sugar level instantly. Try out the BeatO diabetes care program for a more organized healthcare routine.

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