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Manoj K. Verma – “I lost 13 kgs with BeatO”

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I am 51 years old and I work as a contractor in Agra. My work requires frequent visits to various job sites, resulting in a perpetually busy and hectic lifestyle. Despite being constantly on the move, I manage to spend quality time with my wife and children.

I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2009. “India me diabetes ke baare me kafi kam jankari hai. Log zyadatar traditional tareeke pe bharosa karte hai. Koi hume lifestyle change karne ko nahi bolta. Sab sirf dawa khane ko bolte hai.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

Back in 2009, my vision became increasingly blurry. Worried about this development, I sought medical advice and consulted with my doctor. My doctor recommended a blood sugar test, suspecting a potential underlying issue. My sugar level came out to be 185 mg/dL, and I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

“Uss time pe mujhe diabetes ke baare me koi jankari nahi thi. Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha tha ki ab kya kiya jaye. Mujhe laga ki main ab kuch kha aur pee nahi paunga. Pair ki nason me kafi dard shuru ho gaya tha.”

I explored various treatment options, diligently following medical advice and recommendations. Even after getting treatment, my sugar levels remained quite high.

Last year, I had experienced a cardiac arrest, which served as a wake-up call about the urgency to lose the extra weight and prioritize my health. On a seemingly ordinary day, I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across BeatO. After doing a thorough research, I joined the BeatO Diabetes Care Program in December 2022.

My Journey Towards Better Health

I diligently adhere to the guidance provided by my dedicated health coach, Laxmi. Under her guidance, I have made significant alterations to both my morning and evening routines, with the primary goal of improving my overall health. I walk for 45 mins everyday followed by a 45 min exercise routine.

“Mere weight lose karne me diet ka bahut role raha hai. Main 5 se 2 roti pe aa gaya hu aur ab main zyada salad khata hu jisse mera fibre intake badh gaya hai. Main roz apni 8 ghante ki neend bhi poori karta hu.”

Along with health coach support, I also take doctor consultations as a part of the Program. Dr. Vishal Rajput mujhe kafi ache se samjhte hai. Unhe mujhe kafi detail me sab samjhaya aur proper treatment diya.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

“BeatO ke sath meri medicine ¼ th ho gayi hai. Main aj woh saari cheezein kha pata hu joh ek diabetes ke patient ko mana ki jati hai.”

Along with medicines, I have also witnessed a big difference in my weight and sugar levels.

Fasting Reading200 mg/dL120 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading330 mg/dL140 mg/dL
Weight88 kg75 kg

There has been a significant change in my stress levels. Earlier, I used to feel fatigued as soon as I woke up. Now wake up with a sense of renewed energy and I am able to perform my daily tasks with more precision. I also do not feel any numbness in my feet like I used to.

“Maine kayi logon ko BeatO Diabetes Care Program recommend kiya hai. BeatO ke sath sab kuch apki fingertips pe ho jata hai. Health coach, doctor, dawayi, sab kuch ek jagah mil jata hai. Apko baar baar market me jaake medicines khareedni nahi padti. Woh apke ghar pahuch jati hai aur ghar baithe baithe apki doctor consultation bhi ho jati hai. Kya medicine leni hai, kya khana hai, kaise rehna hai, kab sona hai, kya do’s and dont’s hai, sab mobile pe pata chal jata hai.”

The results in managing my sugar levels would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my family. My wife prepares wholesome and balanced meals that align with my dietary requirements, ensuring that I maintain optimal blood sugar levels. She has been my constant source of strength and motivation.

The right sugar testing strip and glucometer are hard to find. BeatO has got everything you need under one roof. Try out our smart glucometer kit and elevate your healthcare routine.

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