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Unbeatables | Rekha Saini – “My HbA1c came down from 10.5% to 6.3% with BeatO’s Diabetes Care Program.”

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BeatO Unbeatables - Rekha Saini

“I have a family history of diabetes. Meri mother aur brother dono ko diabetes ke wajah se cardiac arrest aya tha. Isiliye mujhe extra careful rehne ki zaroorat thi.”

Rekha Saini, a 47-year-old homemaker residing in New Delhi. She was leading a simple and harmonious life with her family when her life took an unexpected turn and she started experiencing symptoms of diabetes. Although having a family history of this chronic condition, her diagnosis came as a shock as she had taken all the necessary precautions to keep her diabetes in check.

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Early Diagnosis and Treatment

“Mujhe weakness aur pairo me kafi dard rehta tha. Main kafi thaki hui rehti thi. Mera kuch kaam karne ka mann nahi karta tha. Diabetes aur stress ki wajah se mera weight kam ho gaya tha. Meri eyesight bhi kafi kamzor ho gayi thi jiski wajah se maine chashma lagana shuru kar diya tha.”

In 2017, I started experiencing symptoms like frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger. After experiencing all these symptoms I decided to get myself tested and I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

I felt extremely anxious and tense when I found out about my condition. I started taking medicines and I also started going for a walk. Bahar se dawaiyan lena bahut mehenga padta tha aur tni diawayi khane ke baad bhi koi farak nahi aa raha tha.

How I Learnt About BeatO

My husband and I were looking for a reliable and affordable glucometer online and we came across BeatO. After using it for a while, their team also informed us about their care program and how it could potentially control our diabetes. We were very amazed to know about such a thing. In June 2021, me and my husband got ourselves enrolled in the BeatO Diabetes Care Program.

My Journey Towards Better Health

“Meri health coach regularly merese meri health ka report poochti hai. Working with my health coach was a blessing in my diabetes control journey. Her guidance included easy and simple changes to my lifestyle that remarkably improved my sugar control. I never realised how small adjustments could yield such significant results. Apart from dietary changes, I was also asked to improve my exercise routine.

Even the doctor consultation offered asd a part of the program has played a major role in my diabetes care journey. The doctor’s approach towards my condition was tailored to my individual needs and health. Mujhe doctor consultation ke through meri medication change karwayi gayi, jisse meri health me kafi farak aaya.”

Impact on My Diabetes Markers

Ab main chashma nai lagati. Meri energy me ab kafi farak aya hai aur ab mera weight bhi stable rehta tha. All these improvements have been possible because of the unwavering and constant support given by my health coach.

Fasting reading300 mg/dL140 mg/dL
Post-meal reading350 mg/dL210 mg/dL

My Experience with BeatO

She describes BeatO as “the best treatment for diabetes”. Elaborating on her experience with the BeatO Diabetes Care Program, she saysHume yeh plan bahut affordable lagta hai. Yahan hume sab kuch ek jagah par mil jata hai – dawaiyan, strips, doctor consultation aur diet plan. Iss sab ki wajah se hi meri aur mere husband ki diabetes control ho payi hai. Maine kayin logon ko yeh program join karne ko kaha hai.”

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